Sunday, November 11, 2012


I was returning videos to the library the other day when I turned to peek into the stroller that was parked next to me at the front desk.

I already had my "looking at a baby" smile on
(you know the one)
if I could draw it, I would

when I found myself staring into the face of a dog.

A dog in a stroller.
A dog in a stroller 
INSIDE the library.

My "looking at a baby" smile turned into a horrified what?!

I was all leaned in too and could feel the hot dog breath on my face.

The dog was an adorable wavy jet black sleepy-eyed cocker spaniel of some sort
who was apparently too exhausted to walk on its own.

I have so much I could say

about dog strollers

and dogs inside public buildings

but I won't.

Because I am listening to Christmas music and, for crying out loud, when someone says

"from now on our troubles will be far way," 

well, deck my halls,  

I believe them.

No, this is more of a "what?!" moment because I was expecting a cootchie-coo baby moment when what I actually got was a hot dog breath moment.

Like taking a big swig of Sprite 
when you thought you were going to chug water.



You were.


Like when I was in a store the other week and, quite out of the blue, a toddler girl looks at me and says, 

"Well, hello!"

An hour later in a different store, a toddler boy pointed at me and said,


It completely changed the music going on in my head.

To the boy's credit, I did have on a workout outfit that put me in the company of the referees I've seen at middle school girl's basketball games.

Other than my long ponytail, it wasn't a big stretch.


  1. Sumita9:22 AM

    Haha! I loved the image I got of you leaning in to look at the baby and seeing a dog instead ... priceless! Wish these things happened when I was around:)

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

    K- Love this! I once saw a man running while pushing a dog in a stroller. It wasn't even a jogging stroller- more like an umbrella kind... and he looked like he was having the time of his life! Gretchen

  3. Gretchen--Ha! I am picturing an enormous Golden Retriever sitting "kid style" in the umbrella stroller. I bet he was wearing sunglasses too.


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