Thursday, October 24, 2013

Too Good Not to Share

Day #24

I think it was at the Sweetcheeks surprise fishing party that Carisa told me this story.

It was one of those stories that sounds made up.

Like maybe it was just an episode of Seinfeld.

Certainly not reality.

But her husband, Juan, was right there laughing to confirm it.

After asking,


and pleading 
with her since May,  

Carisa just gave me the wonderful gift of photographs to prove (in part) this story.

It was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled up in one.

Some stories are just too good not to share.

**This is my official unofficial disclaimer of all the pictures 
I am about to reveal. No waivers have been signed.  
If you are my friend, you are fair game. **

Carisa had a favorite overall(ish)


outfit that she loved to wear while pregnant with
and caring for
her children.

Warning:  It was the 90s.

First of all, Diego is the cutest baby.
Second of all, Carisa's outfit.

I love that Carisa matched her socks to the outfit.
It is little details like this that really make fashion pop.
 I love an outfit that can go from maternity 
to every day after, don't you?

We all had one, admit it.

Unless you are one of those annoying people 
that could wear their prepregnancy jeans 
home from the hospital after giving birth. 

Do. Not. Admit. That. 
Not here or ever.

Especially if it is one piece.

Even better if it is overalls.

or a vest 
is just all icing on the cake.

Here is Sumita's one piece outfit with a 
sassy sailor collar happening.

Never underestimate the sassiness of a maternity sailor-collared outfit.

I will forever be thankful to her daughter, Sara, for posting this on Facebook! Again, "too good not to share".

Here is me sporting a "professional" vest. 

I wore this to work. 

All. The. Time.

Nothing hides a baby bump better 
than a mannish button up vest.

And yet I felt it would also be versatile/feminine 
enough to wear to my baby shower. 

I look comfortable, don't I?
I think that is my, "Get me a root beer!" face.

I am hoping Carisa didn't have to unbutton all those buttons every time she had to go to the bathroom.

I REALLY love that she peg rolled the pant legs. 

Nice touch.

Carisa loved this outfit. 

It was comfortable, 
easy to throw on 
and move around in 

both pregnant 
and chasing around toddlers.

But the time came to donate the beloved




By this time, it had seen Carisa through two pregnancies successfully

and comfortably.

But donate it she did.

Her life was quite busy mothering two kids and being the wife of a busy restaurant husband.

So busy that they decided to take some family time one 4th of July and go to a local parade.

They all delighted in the firetrucks, high school marching bands and clowns throwing out candy.


Carisa noticed one of the clowns wearing an




[sound of needle scratching across the record]


[sound of a front door shutting]


[sound of car crashing]

Not sure why on that last one since the roads 
should be blocked off due to the parade.

No, this isn't the clown. Still Carisa. 

There really is no mistaking this outfit.

It is too specific.

It was Carisa's.
It had to be.
Much to my dismay, 
they didn't take a picture 
of the clown wearing Carisa's outfit.

I can only imagine that the clown took one look at Carisa's beloved outfit at Goodwill and said,

"This is perfect!"

Don't you love God's sense of humor?

If you have ever donated something only to see someone wearing it in a parade later,

(or someone)

That is just too good not to share.


  1. LOL! This is priceless. Thank you for making me laugh today and for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you. Blessings!

  2. Angel,

    You are welcome! I will be humming (happily), "Singing In the Rain" the rest of the day because of your post.

  3. I am CRYING. This is too funny. Only Carisa. Only Carisa. But, I must say, the clown suit LOOKED very comfortable....
    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Melissa,

    This kinda stuff does seem to happen to Carisa. If you scroll down on my blog posts on the right hand side of the blog, go to Tinker Bell Busted to hear another story about her.

    I love that you called Carisa's outfit "the clown suit"! Ha! ha-ha-ha HA! ;)

  5. Melissa,

    Just realized you blog too! That is awesome. I couldn't figure out how to subscribe to your site so you are going to have to tutor me or just let me know when you post. :)

  6. Shared this with my sister in law. We are rolling over here and her comment without reading the blog, just seeing the pics and me telling her the gist of it was, "How did she go to the bathroom in that?" LOL.....we could just picture her doing the potty dance as she unbuttoned it enough to get it down.

  7. Karmen,

    I know! I am all about easy access for the restroom issue. :)

    I am going to have to ask her now about that…

  8. Um, oh dear. That calls to mind the bazillion pairs of stretchy pants I never want to see again.


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