Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Ready for the Break of Spring

So there is this:


And this:

I should have put a question mark after it.
Or an exclamation point!

And this:

All in my attempts to send Winter packing. 

Like the seriously bad house guest that sucks the very life 
and hospitality right out of you,

that it has been.

So I just put on my winter coat (ugh!)

and went out in the cold in search of our dear, beloved, SHY Spring.

I’ll take this as a good sign.

Like a timid toddler,

walking for the first time,

I saw the slow beginnings of Spring.

Even with snow still in its hair, the moss is greening up.



What a sight for frozen, sore eyes!

Hello, gorgeous!


You don’t bother me, Mr. Weed. 

I will gladly take care of you, when? 

In the Spring!

Because it’s coming.

And so is this:

And this:
Peonies! Can you smell them?

And this:

Well, hi there, Cutie!
 And this:

And this:

I promise to take better care of you, Rose!

And these:

Mouth watering.

And even him:

Winter, I am ignoring the ping of sleet you are spitting at my windows as I type this, 

because I SAW the signs of Spring, 

just now,

and it’s time for you to GO!


  1. ME TOO! Super ready for weather warm enough to go outside in that you don't have to bundle up. Birds chirping, sun shining, even rain drizzling down to water the flowers.....all VERY welcome! It was so cold the last two days and the wind is vicious! A warm spring breeze sounds like heaven right about now. At least the sun is shining today even if it is still frigid 31 degrees out.

  2. It has been such a long time coming, hasn't it? I intend to enjoy every last bit of Spring when it arrives - and hope it sticks around for a little while too!

  3. You have had such a long winter that you deserve a glorious spring! Your pictures are such inspiration - it is more spring-like here in terms of milder temps but you have me wanting more : ) Happy Spring Break - enjoy!

  4. Oh how I just ADORE how you write!!! Seriously... you just gave me hope. :)

    ps: I REFUSE to take down my winter wreath until I see the actual signs myself.

  5. Yes! This is my weekend to take down the last bit of wintery decor around my house. And, call me crazy, but I'm getting the itch to plant something outside. Common sense tells me to wait, but it's hard to say no to a hopeful heart yearning for spring. I know you understand. :)


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