Friday, October 24, 2014

In Other News…

 Day #24

As I was shopping last week for small pumpkins for the centerpieces for the women’s retreat,

I noticed that somehow Kroger decided to kick out Halloween early, 

skip over Thanksgiving completely

and move right into Christmas.

In mid-October.

This is live greenery, people!
Did I mention it’s mid-October?
I had to go to SEVERAL stores to find anyone still selling pumpkins.

In mid-October. 

I had a lengthy conversation with my friend Beth about not being able to find Halloween candy still.

It’s been relegated to a small 20% off bin at Kroger.

And not the good stuff either.

Seriously, who has NOT already eaten all their Halloween candy??

Don’t the powers that be at Kroger realize that there is more money
 in procrastination than planning ahead?

Have they met America?

No one wants live greenery in mid-October!!

 We want pumpkins. 

And candy.

I finally did find pie baking pumpkins at another grocery store for what I thought was $1.00. As I was checking out, I realized it was $1.00 a pound! And I picked the biggest ones I could find.


Meanwhile, across town at Cuco’s,

[That just sounded like, “Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave,” in my head.]

Carisa ran into Plain Clothes Santa at her Mexican restaurant.

She said she asked permission to take his picture, but I’m getting a different story from this:

I’m getting more of a “Nooooo!” than a “Ho! Ho! Ho!"

I asked what Plain Clothes Santa ordered but Carisa left before she could find out.

I’m thinking he’s a chimichanga kind of guy.

Get it? Chimney? Chimneychanga??


Sorry, it’s been a long month.

Speaking of Carisa, she sent me this picture.

She texted,

“Yep. Right on the curb."

No, I will NOT be swiping this chair from the curb.
But the mint green seat and lid are a nice touch, don’t you think?

The only thing that would’ve made this picture more perfect was if Carisa were sitting on it.


  1. "Have they met America?!" Best line ever!

    1. Thank you! Thank you, very much. :)

  2. No kidding. One store by me had xmas and halloween stuff come out together in the same aisle.

    1. The most confusing and conflicting aisle ever, I bet! Although elves and goblins are equally creepy to my husband, Monte.

  3. love you pictures and glimpses into what you are seeing.

  4. "Have they met America?" LOL! Thankfully our local grocery store keeps things pretty well stocked up - I've run in at the last minute several times and have been able to find something, though maybe not what I would have chosen if I had bought earlier.

    The end price of pumpkins at $1 a pound was probably quite a shock!

    Smiling, too, about "plain clothes Santa." Hilarious. They probably don't have much Mexican food at the North Pole.

    1. Barbara,

      Good point!! I bet the Mexican food is quite disappointing at the North Pole. Kinda like in Connecticut for my friend, Karmen. :)

  5. Ha ha! This is hilarious and I love your blog name. I still have to get Halloween candy and now I am nervous. It really doesn't make sense because a lot of that stuff you aren't going to buy until you need it for your party and the parties are this week! Crazy.

    1. Natalie,

      I KNOW!! I need to write an open letter to “the stores of America” to let them know our shopping patterns. The week of! Thanks for reading.

  6. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am laughing SO hard right now!!! I think that toilet would be a nice plant holder, actually...

    And how about that Santa having a BRRRRRRRR ito!!! Neh- yours is funnier.

    You crack me UP! Oh, how I love your humor. We really REALLY need to hang...

    1. Chris,

      BRRRRRito--impressive!! Hahahaha! Let’s get together BEFORE my addition is done because that is looking like JANUARY. Which is, literally, NEXT YEAR. Let me know your schedule. :)

  7. I enjoy your humor so much!

    And - ahhh I can't believe all that Christmas stuff already out. That's crazy.

    1. Thank you! I pretended to kick a snowman at the grocery store in front of my girls the other day. I’ve become the Grinch. But I don’t think that counts in October. Now if I kick a snowman in December? My heart shrinks by 3 sizes instantly! Or something like that…

  8. I swear I just posted a comment, but I'm not seeing it...

    Anyway, you're posts make me laugh out loud! I like your "chimney"changa joke. Really.


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