Saturday, October 10, 2015

More On Ellie’s Thrift Store Party

Day #10

In keeping with my 31 Days of “REAL” theme,

Ellie felt that the few pictures I featured about her 
did not accurately convey how much fun was had by all.

So she sent me pictures she had taken with her phone.

As it turns out, we gave them a princess and wedding theme to dress up as in a group after they were done with the scavenger hunts.

Not an 80s theme like I reported earlier.

Heaven forbid.

Here are some of the princess pictures:

Kudos to Paula for adding the nice “Tangled” touch of a frying pan to Rapunzel.

And if you haven’t seen Disney’s “Tangled” yet, 
PLEASE do yourself a favor 
and stop reading this post immediately
 and see it. 

So worth it.

Here are some shots of the wedding theme.

The flower girl complete with basket.


And of course, the bride.

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  1. Tangled is one of my all time favorites


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