Monday, October 26, 2015

The Letter Chair

Day #26

When I was busy painting everything in the office, I decided to spray paint the letter chair that I made a few years ago.

I got the idea of a letter chair from a few pictures I’d seen on Pinterest.

I took this awesome flea market chair that used to serve as our main office chair and hot glued chipboard letter stickers all over the legs, back and sides of it.

It took me a superhero movie or two
to hot glue ALL those letters.

After all the stickers were on, I spray painted the entire chair black.

It stayed that way until last month.

I liked it black but it didn’t highlight the letters well.

In my effort to brighten the living room and office, I decided to paint the chair white.

Spray paint is really the only way to go with all the different textures of the stickers.

I like the way the spray paint didn’t cover all the old black paint on the stickers.

It looks rustic to me.

I love it!

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