Sunday, October 11, 2015

The “Real”ness of a Friday Morning

Day #11

I host a Moms In Prayer meeting for the high school in our community.

Moms gather each Friday morning to pray for our kids, their teachers and the administration at the school.

It has brought many women together that I have never met before.

Last Friday, one woman asked to use the restroom off of our kitchen.

She came running out, saying the sink was leaking.

I found water shooting out from the exposed pipes underneath and the sink was nearly overflowing!

I was able to shut off the water and put a bowl underneath the pipes and wipe everything up fairly quickly with everyone’s help.

The poor lady kept apologizing and saying,

“I broke your bathroom!”

I was reassuring her back in the kitchen that she did NOT break my bathroom and that the sink had been slow to drain over the past month.

I was standing next to her as she grabbed a mug and the pot of coffee and as she was explaining that

“goofy things like this happen to me all the time,” 

she missed the mug and poured 
hot coffee right on my foot.

I was wearing flip flops.

Just then the door bell rang.

I flicked off my sandal and limped/hopped to the door to open it to a lady I had never met before.

We both seemed to focus on the fact that I only had on one sandal 
as we made our introductions.

I quickly explained everything that had just happened in the last five seconds and ended with a,

“Welcome to the Mad House!”

I could not stop laughing.

The funny thing is, I want to tell my sweet new friends, 

“Goofy things like this happen to ME all the time!"

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  1. I have found my people! I am prone to clumsiness, especially if nervous. Your life is full of fun!


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