Saturday, October 24, 2015

High School Musical

Day #24

Thursday night was the opening night of Ellie’s middle school’s production of High School Musical.

So the middle school put on a High School Musical.

Not to confuse you.

It was so cute.

It was hard not to laugh at middle schoolers pretending to be everything but middle schoolers.

Like the the little guy playing the principal wearing the cutest, tiniest little blazer next to two very mature kids playing the basketball coach and the drama teacher.

Or the song/dance number “Get Your Head in the Game” and the basketballs that got away from a few of the players.

Or when there was a really long awkward pause when the lights were supposed to go out on stage but they didn’t.

Then the cute little guy playing the referee runs out onto center stage and says,

“I think there is a problem…”

and the audience bursts out laughing.

Ellie told me later that everyone treated the “referee” like a hero who “saved the show!”

That’s some of the golden nuggets 
of middle school right there.

Here are some action shots:

Why is that woman in the audience looking our way instead of at the stage?

Ellie’s good friend played Gabriella beautifully.

And our neighbor, Edward played the coach like a champ.

These two have known each other since diaper days!
My parents came into town to see the show as well as good friends.

Ellie’s buddies from church.
I sweated it out for a bit when I struggled to find our family ad in the program.

Especially when I realized that I never did 
put the check in the mail to pay for it.

But, alas, it did make it in.

Thank you, Brian, for coming through with the wording for the 2nd year in a row!

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