Friday, October 02, 2015

Bugles and Tootsie Rolls

Day #2

We host a bible study for the high school Christian Young Life group in our community. Leaders from the local university lead the study along with the area director.

We get between 30-40ish kids here each Wednesday night.

I didn’t even have to ask, they just automatically take off their shoes!
Good home training.

We love having the space to finally host things like this.

It’s not required that I serve snacks but I do not have it in me not to.

It would go against my home training if I didn’t.

I come from a long line of hostesses.

I usually buy all the snacks that I’d never buy my own girls because:

1)  Trans fat snacks are cheaper, sadly.

2)  40 teenagers eat a lot.

3)  NO ONE took a single granola bar when I served them.
(Not. One.)

I like that my girls have grown up eating Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s instead of Oreos. 

No Trans Fats, people.

And their friends SWEAR they taste better than Oreos.


This week I served Bugles and Tootsie Rolls and granola bars (see #3 above).

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had Bugles but they instantly made my whole family think of my grandmother so it must’ve been at her house.

The queen of my hostess heritage.

Bugles have changed though.

And it’s not because they’ve taken out the preservatives.

I checked.

Still in there.

They flattened the opening, thus making it EXTREMELY difficult to find 5, let alone 10, Bugles big enough to put on your fingers like claws.

What is a Bugle, after all, if not also a fun prop?!

Only Bugle with a proper claw opening.

So disappointing.

Whatever new technology is flattening the openings, is also depositing FOUR TIMES the amount of sodium that any one snack should contain.

So. Salty.

Monte and I came downstairs after the bible study was over to find everyone huddled by the snacks and McDaniel claiming that she ate so many Bugles her arms were swollen.

I told her to stop eating them.

Apparently she moved on to the Tootise Rolls because after we’d cleaned up she was starting to look a little green.

I told her she was going to give herself diarrhea.

Sure enough, around Dark Thirty, McDaniel came into our room threatening to throw up and informing us she had explosive diarrhea.

There may have been something else in there about if we’d only let her have normal snacks growing up, she wouldn’t binge so much on them when she got around them.


Pumped full of Pepto, McDaniel went to school the next morning. 

She couldn’t miss because it was Field Trip Day in environmental science where she’d be wearing waders in a river and picking up specimens for her “dirty water” tank that she keeps in class.

I’m sure it’s called something else but that’s what 
it looked like to me during Parent Night.

Oh yeah, and she also was scheduled to run a mile in Health class.

Bugles and Tootsie Rolls are probably not on the carbo loading list of most (if any) runners.

Oh, the chemical-laden sweet justice of it all.


  1. I am a Bugle fanatic - I don't care if they are squished or otherwise. Lawdy - keep me away from them!

    Popped by from 31 days.

    1. Tami,
      Thanks for popping by! Love the name of your blog.

  2. What is the point of bugles if you can't have them as claws. I love your tag line of Chemical-laden sweet justice.


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