Thursday, October 08, 2015

Writing the Family Ad FOR THE LAST TIME

Day #8

It’s that time of year again.

My daugther, Ellie, is in her middle school’s production of High School Musical.

This is Ellie’s third year being a part of the musicals.

She was an orphan in Annie,

a water snake in The Little Mermaid

and now she is a “thespian” in High School Musical.

She gets to follow Sharpay around stage.

Which is SO her personality.

Not mean, like Sharpay, 

Along with getting her to rehearsals, 

putting together stage makeup 
and costumes, 

we are asked as parents to write and PAY FOR a family ad wishing our child good luck which will go into the program.

The kids totally buy the lie that they are UNLOVED if their parents don’t purchase ad space and write a witty little very public good luck wish.

As a writer of words, this proves to be a frustrating task for me.

I draw a blank every year.

Ellie’s first year, I actually PAID someone to write and layout an ad for me.

It lacked any sort of warmth or personal touch.

Last year, I asked you all to help write the ad and it was SO MUCH better.

This year, time is a ticking, I need help again!

Ellie told me that my initial suggestion of 

“We’re all in this together” good luck, Ellie!

Would be overplayed by EVERYONE.

And that is unacceptable, WHY???

She’s a “thespian”.


My mind exploded with suggestions 
I could not or SHOULD not use.

And yes, I DO KNOW 
why they’d be unacceptable.



  1. Oh my! I would probably hyperventilate if I had to do this! Talk about stretching your writing ability and letting everyone watch! My mind has drawn a complete blank, and she's not even my daughter. Bless you! I hope you have a stroke of inspiration or someone more helpful makes a comment!

  2. Ellie
    Not one to be "Sticking to the Status Quo"
    but "Breaking Free" to be who you're called to be!
    Break a leg! 😄


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