Friday, July 12, 2013

Things I Am Thankful For Right Now

Don't worry, I will continue my story about our adventures on rainy days

you seriously won't want to miss the part 
about the pig races 
or the monkeys

but I wanted to pause to share what I am so thankful for right now.

1) The sun!!! 
Thank you Lord that we woke up to some good ol' sunshine this morning!! 
I seriously pursued Pinterest the other day for ideas for some sort of sunshine wreath 
or door decoration so as to welcome the sun back in case we made it mad or something.

Still might do it.

The sunshine makes everything more beautiful! Look
at my Rose of Sharon just smiling in the morning sun.

I was just mesmerized by the way the sun highlighted
the lightning scar of my favorite Sycamore tree
yet also the beauty of the flowers in the hanging pot.

2) Cooler weather and no humidity!! 
We slept with the windows open last night and I had to wear a fleece this morning 
when I decided to do my bible study homework outside.

Actually, I took this picture because there was a little white butterfly that landed just below my shoulder. But of course, you can't really take a picture of your own just-below-your-shoulder.

A huge fat bumble bee landed right on the scripture I was reading right before the butterfly landed on me. It was the part in Judges when God asks Gideon to weed out his army by seeing how they drink water. Hmmm…wonder what the bee was trying to glean from that. 

Probably that there was no nectar in them thar pages.

Oh, but there is Mr. Bee, there is.

I almost fell out of my chair trying to get away or I would've snapped a picture.

No I wouldn't have. Who am I kidding?

3) The Gideon bible study by Priscilla Shirer.

Just love this!! It is cutting to the core in an area that Monte and I have been dealing with for a long time. This study has provided some great discussion between he and I and caused us to shift some thinking and how we are praying about certain issues. It is worth your consideration.

I SO LOVE this website!! I signed up on their website and they send me an email daily 
(except maybe not on the weekends, I can't remember). 

They sell things CHEAP. Like those necklaces in the picture above? $4.99 a piece. 


I bought all of them for $15. They will be great to have for birthday gifts and just for me and my girls to wear ourselves. We have bought clutch purses (I think all McDaniel's friends got those for their birthdays last year), leather bracelets, necklaces, craft items (like washi tape), these awesome galvanized metal containers that I have by the computer for pens and markers and scissors.

And they always include a Laffy Taffy in the package when they send your stuff. 

That's just sweet…literally.

5) A Little Salty To Cut The Sweet

This is by Sophie Hudson a.k.a. Boo Mama if you follow her blog. 

This book is laugh out loud funny and so charming in her small town southern ways. I felt like I knew her mother-in-law and parents by the end of this book. 

Like I WANT to know them 
(but not in a stalker way). 

She highlights the good of family and food and faith. So worth the read!

6) Stein Mart

Because I follow Sophie Hudson's blog, she mentioned the importance of Stein Mart in her life

Or "The Stein Marts" as she calls it. 

They closed our Stein Mart years ago so I just haven't made the drive to the other location further away since it's not in my backyard anymore. 

I live in a bubble like that sometimes.

But I decided to give it a try yesterday with my girls. 

Hoping it contained clothes for people under the age of 85 and getting ready to take a cruise 
(read Boo Mama's blog on this--it is funny!)

We had a ball! And we all ended up with something happy and not fighting.

Thank you, Lord! 
Stein Mart just might be our Shopping Whisperer!

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  1. Thankful for you Karmen! What a fun list : )


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