Tuesday, April 08, 2014

What I Would Find If I Cleaned Out My Car Right Now

I have a bit more to say about our spring break trip to Florida

but first I want to link up with another #Tuesday Ten.

The Lieber Family

The topic this week is:

What I Would Find If I Cleaned Out My Car Right Now.

We just got back from vacation.

And you may remember the 

Here goes:

1)  Sand. Yes, I know that for a fact because I saw some on the floor mats today when I went to the grocery store. In the rain. Far, far, far away from the sunny warm beautiful sugar sands of the beach. Sigh.

2)  Dried up shredded cheddar cheese. Yep, saw that on the floor mats too. From one of those snack wraps from McDonald’s. There weren't super healthy choices on the road that could be eaten in the car (Monte wouldn’t let us take the time to eat inside) and I wasn’t about to get one of those hams in a bag hanging on a hook from Nervous Charlie’s. Yeah, we went back on the way home. Monte thought it would be hilarious. 

McDaniel bought a t-shirt. 

There is the exit number if you want to check it out.
I don’t recommend using the bathroom.
Don’t ask.
We took more pictures with the gorilla.

3)  Laffy Taffy wrappers. We had been caravaning on the way back from the beach with my parents until we stopped at a gas station in Tennessee. Monte and the girls went in to get snacks and my parents went on. That decision delayed us over an hour. A wreck happened just a few miles from the gas station exit that my parents missed but stopped us completely. Like turn off the car stop. For an hour. Firetrucks and ambulances zoomed by. Luckily, the girls had bought a big bag of Laffy Taffy at the gas station and the jokes kept us entertained. Yeah, that’s how bored we were.
UNTIL, people started making their way to the trees off the road to pee. The women took a blanket to fashion a makeshift port-a-pot of sort. Guys barely made it into the trees. One lady fell down the hill after she emerged from the woods. The guys in front of us, all wearing University of Kentucky t-shirts, started a rousing game of “Throw the Water Bottle” then they started pantsing each other. Except they were wearing shorts.

4)  Mint wrappers. I swear, those things have such static that you think you’ve thrown one into the trash and then you find the wrapper, like an hour later, clinging to your shirt or on the side of your hand. Or all over your car.

5)  Straw wrappers. I noticed those on the back seat floor mats while I was out today. So many wrappers. And I didn’t pick up any of them.

6)  Gloves. I know! I needed them the week before Spring Break. When we all loaded up to go out to dinner one night at the beach, I noticed the gloves and the sight of them made my stomach hurt.

7)  Turquoise socks. They belong to one of the girls. I thought I told them BEFORE we left for the beach, to take them inside, like 100 times, but they must not have heard me. (!!!)

8)  Cords. As I discovered during our trip, we have a ton of phone cords in our console that hook into phones we no longer own. And they are still there.

9)  Lollipop sticks. McDaniel got a wonderful belated birthday gift from her friend the day before we left.

Isn’t this adorable? Her friends call her Mickey or Mick.
McDaniel plucked all 4,013 of the lollipops out of the Styrofoam ball and put them in a Ziploc bag that proved to be quite the handy snack in the car, at the condo and even for my diabetic dad who took a few with him on his 8 mile walk each morning on the beach. Talk about the gift that kept on giving! 

10)  Reusable shopping sacks. I have so many of these things. I keep them in the car or I completely forget to use them. Which I still do 50% of the time even when they are in my car. So I end up organizing the flimsy plastic grocery sacks into the bigger reusable ones by the contents that need to go in the refrigerator, the freezer or the pantry. It sounds like I am crazy organized. But I’m not. Just how the grocery items in my cart go onto the conveyor belt (by what goes into the refrigerator, the freezer or the pantry) so they will be bagged accordingly. It’s my one thing. Drives. Monte. Crazy.
So he refuses to follow along when we shop together. Which drives. Me. Crazy.

So what would YOU find if you cleaned out your car right now?


  1. Oh you've made me feel so much better! :D You have old cords in your car! I found some, too when I cleaned out my car this past week to write this week's Tues. Ten. Thought I'd be the only one - but now you've proven me wrong and I'm so glad! Thank you! Loved all your list. It was fun! :D

    1. Marcia,

      Thanks! At least you cleaned out all the cords. I just know where they are. Which is still in the console of my car. :)

  2. My son got in trouble a few weeks back and I made him clean out the van as a punishment. Otherwise we would have had more trash and wrappers in ours!! I'm sorry you had to come back from vacation. I hope the real world is gentle to you for a while. :)

    1. Great idea for future punishments: vehicle cleaning! Love it! Thanks for reading.

  3. Oh my life, this makes me feel marginally better about the awful state of my own car's interior. Thanks :D

    LOVE the lolly-tree :D

    1. This would have been such a different post if my girls were younger! So happy Cheerios and sippy cups weren’t on the list!! Thanks for reading!

  4. Wow! If I had done this right after a vacation, there's no telling what I would have found! :-)

    1. Yeah, I’m surprised we didn’t have any loose seashells floating around. Thanks for reading!

  5. Oh I love the sand one... we always have sand in our car when we come back from visiting family in Washington. It makes me feel like the sea followed me home!

  6. What IS with those darn mint wrappers that they stick and never EVER get to where they SHOULD be landing? I love this, and giggle at the thought of so many of your stories!! I especially love that your sweetie got such a beautiful and FUN birthday gift from her friends. LOVE that!

  7. If I cleaned out my car, I'd find a ton of pennies, gravel, small pieces of paper from the opening the corner of an envelope, potato chip crumbs, salt crust from the snow, and probably a French fry. My sweetie vacuums often, so nothing too spectacular.

  8. Your car sounds like mine! And to think I begged off this week because I was too chicken to tell you all just how nasty my car is! Hehe! Thanks for linking up with us at LOBS!

  9. You could probably find most of these things in my car and, much to my chagrin, I have no children to blame! Unfortunately, there's about 6-8 months a year in Montana where vacuuming your car us simply a waste of electricity, due to snow...


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