Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Questions: Answered

I was given an honor in the form of a Liebster Award.

Along with that came a list of questions to answer by Rabia from over at The Liebers. She also asked me to share some of my favorite blogs I follow (the smaller great ones that are just waiting to be found, read and enjoyed). I will share those in another post.

Here are the questions she wanted me to answer:

•What is the funniest thing that has happened 
to you in the past week?


These are my party planning partners after I said, “Look off into the distance!” before our picture was taken at an event we planned last week. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. 
I’m in the middle all like, “Look!” 
Julie’s looking in the opposite direction like, “What? Where?” 
And then there is Sumita whose mesmorized
expression clearly says, “It’s soooooo beautiful!”
 to absolutely nothing. 
We were looking at nothing! 
Oscar worthy, I know.

•What is the first thing you do when you 
wake up in the morning? 

Go to the bathroom and wash my face. 
Drink my coffee if Monte is so inclined to bring it up to me.

Do you speak another language? If so, which? 
If not, what language would you like to learn? 

A little Spanish--from classes in high school. I can sing "Happy Birthday" in Spanish (which I did to myself at a restaurant in Mexico on my 40th birthday and the waiters didn’t even roll their eyes. Of course, one asked if I was 23, so maybe they were just after a sizable tip.) 

I bought these cassettes tapes to learn French before we went to Paris a million and a half years ago. All I really remember about them is that I was always asking Mr. Dupont where his hat was and where he put the cheese. Hopefully not in the same place. I never did meet Mr. Dupont while in Paris so I never found out.
I have no aspirations to learn another language. Right now. But if Monte announces tonight we are booked to go to Italy, I will certainly seek out CDs so I can ask Mr. Dupont where he put his cheese and hat in Italian. 

I think learning sign language would be cool.

In high school were you into sports, band, choir, 
art or something else? 

I was a cheerleader and in show choir. So I had pom poms and a sequined belt. 
I could do a toe touch and jazz hands. Not to brag.

If you were going to write a memoir, what would you call it? 

I’m kinda liking “Toe Touches and Jazz Hands” or “Who Moved Mr. Dupont’s Hat and Cheese?  And Other Important Questions Answered” but that’s just me spit balling and looking over what I just wrote 3 seconds ago. 

When you snack do you go for sweet, 
salty, fruity, or crunchy?

 I find this question cruel since I am in the homestretch of a self-imposed fast from jelly beans. Which in hindsight was not a smart thing to do at EASTER. All that to say, because I am not eating jelly beans, I have been craving salty. I’ve been digging popcorn and pistachios as of late. There’s another memoir title:  “Popcorn and Pistachios:  A Look Into My Life Without Jelly Beans”.

List three songs at the top of your play list lately. 

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I know. I KNOW. My daughters say it is overplayed. But I don’t care. It makes me happy to listen to it. Truly. And it makes me dance. And it makes me clap along because I feel like a room without a roof (even though I have no earthly idea what that means).

“Keep Making Me” by Sidewalk Prophets. The words are amazing. It had me at the first line:
“Make me broken so I can be healed.”

There is a tie for my third song:  “As Sure As the Sun” by Ellie Holcomb. Just love her voice--the way she sings in an almost whispery way.  And the way she says mercy. 

“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong. Oh my, I love this song. It is very calming to me. But it is long. I thought I had accidentally put it on some sort of repeat replay when I realized:  NOPE, it is just a l-o-n-g song! Worth every second.

Which of your parents do you think you are most like and why? 

A good mix of both. I can find the funny in things like my mom but I am not as tidy as her. I am creative like my dad but wish I could build things like him. But there is still time (for the building--being tidy just might be a lost cause).

If you could become a character on a TV show for a week, who would you choose to be? 

I would love to be Julia Sugarbaker from “Designing Women” and eloquently chew someone out in that polite gentile way. 

What is your favorite blog post that you've written?

I have lots of favorites! (Is that braggy to say that?) A stand out is "Care Taking" that I wrote about helping mishandling Carisa after her surgery. 
I also really liked, “This Is the Way, Walk In It.

Tell us something interesting going on in your life right now. 

I am trying to get a party planning business off the ground. 

Why wouldn’t someone hire us?!

Thanks to Rabia for honoring my blog!


  1. Stopped reading mid-post to comment. I just heard that song, "Make me broken, so I can be healed" yesterday and all I could do is smile, because that is EXACTLY what God is doing. Okay, back to reading....Oh after saying, I love your memoir titles. =)

    1. Awww…that song will make me think of you now! Love it!

  2. Karmen, I loved getting to know you better here! Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks again for the honor!

  3. congrats . It was fun to read all of your answers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥

    1. Thanks for always being a faithful commenter!

  4. These are always fun ways to get to know bloggers,...thanks for sharing your answers with the Thursday Blog hop!

    1. You are welcome, Pam.

  5. LOVE that photo! Thank you for sharing your "Oscar-worthy" moment with the world. :)
    I know you'll have great success with your party planning business. I would totally go to one of your parties! And I would also read your memoir. You make me laugh so hard!

    1. Angel,

      Would love to host a party with you as a guest! Hmmm…a BLOGGER party! Wouldn’t that be fun!

  6. I have never been to any part of France but also have a set of CD's. I feel like I can order from a menu and greet people and ask for my luggage. That's about it. I love the "Happy" song and dance (when I am home alone) to it over and over because it does make me happy. The Oceans song is beautiful. Your pictures of you and your follow planners are great. I have loved hearing about the parties you threw for family and friends so am so happy for you with this business. God bless you and your venture!

    1. Oh, thank you, Mindy! Would love to “dance party” with you!


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