Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Would I Really Wish For?

Today is World Wish Day.

Did you forget too?

I really am not one to make wishes. 

I much prefer to put my hope in things with power, like prayer.

But what would I wish for if I had some sort of "run-in” 
with Aladdin’s Genie in a bottle?

Off the top of my head, I’d probably wish that I didn’t eat that enormous dill pickle with lunch yesterday since my fingers became swollen.

And I’d REALLY wish that I didn’t watch “Real Steel” with Monte Sunday night 
because I CRIED at the end.

It’s about fighting robots, people!

Clearly, I’m hormonally imbalanced.

I could take a different approach and go all Amy Grant in the song, “Grown Up Christmas List” and wish for war to end and for everyone to have a friend.

I could go Pharrell Williams and wish to be “Happy”.

You know how I love that song.

I could go broad and and wish for good health for my family and friends.

I could wish for a money tree to grow in my backyard right next to my beloved Sycamore so that we could be full-time givers.
I could really go for all the nooks and crannies of my house to be cleared, cleaned and organized.

I’d certainly wish to be a published author.

And for some of the issues we are having dealing with the school to be resolved quickly and painlessly.

But I have to say,

this isn’t my first rodeo.

I know that war, however brutal, can be necessary to end heinous things like the holocaust and terrorist acts like 9/11.

I know that even though it is miserable to experience and even worse to watch, friends come and go for a reason. Sometimes personal growth can only come with separation.

I know that good health isn’t a guarantee--for anyone. And how we choose to handle it is one of God’s greatest lessons.

I know that money can’t buy happiness. And great creativity is born out of finding and making beauty with limited resources. And giving out of our “little" means so much more than giving out of our “lots”.

I know that the only way to get organized is to roll up my sleeves and do it myself:  one nook and cranny at a time. [sigh]

I know that unwritten books don’t get published. But practice and practice and practice improves technique. And rejection polishes it.

I know that conflict can bring about important character traits. Patience only comes from being in situations that require it. Compassion comes from putting ourselves in another’s position. True change comes from the slow baby steps while holding someone’s hand rather than the fast leaps that can sometimes knock others down.

I know all this,

but don’t always remember it.

So what’s the harm in wishful thinking?


  1. I love your take on this. I agree that wishing doesn't really get you anywhere. I almost used the quote that "You can't appreciate the sunshine without having walked in the rain." but I went off in a different direction.

    1. Rabia,

      GREAT quote! I liked your list! I can appreciate wanting to be taller. :)

  2. I would wish that:
    1. the weight would just start slipping away in more noticeable chunks, well maybe not chunks, I would like it to be a more evenly distributed slipping away than that.
    2. that Marilyn Meberg from women of faith could be my neighbor, or Grandma either one.
    3. That I could find an Emmitt of my own

    1. Karmen,
      Hahaha! I have a strange visual for weight coming off in chunks! And then I had to click on the Marilyn link (never heard of her). Oh my, I became a wreck! And then the Emmit link! How absolutely precious!! Can I be a long-distance Emmitt??

    2. I have seen Marilyn at women of faith and have also read one or two of her books. She is an amazing woman and story teller. I would be honored to have you as a long distance Emmitt. =)

  3. I love your wishes, and also the reasons you wouldn't make them. I wasn't sure about "making wishes" either... so I coped out and interviewed my four year old! :D That having been said... I am obsessed with the "Happy" song too! I play it on repeat for a half hour at a time to lift my mood... I'm not sure the rest of the house feels the same way. ;)

    1. Dakota,

      I am sure your dancing makes everyone “Happy”!

  4. I agree with your point at the end and those made it hard to make this list. I would love to see no more hunger, disease, tragedy, etc. but that would probably set the whole population/cycle of life thinning completely out of balance and lead to way more problems. I guess, maybe, it's a good thing we don't actually get wishes!

    1. Lisa,

      Agreed! I often say that I am so glad I am not in charge!

  5. I'd buy anything you would publish... I know I say it a lot- but you are the coolest writer on the planet. And I would wish for the same things you would. I always love your precious dancing words filled with insight and beautiful lit up thoughts that just seem to seamlessly flow right to my heart.

    I wish for so many things...

    In the deepest parts of my heart...

    For so many people.

    1. Chris,

      I know you do wish for so many things for others--you have such a tender heart! Thanks for cheering me on once again!

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    pretty nice blog, following :)

  7. I believe, that wishing -andeven dreaming - something is meanfull: you never know, who will hear your wishes. But as my mother said:" Be careful, what you wish - it might come true"

  8. This is a great piece. I wonder what I would actually wish for??


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