Monday, August 25, 2014

Your List Is On My List

Somehow, I missed summer.

In between too many meetings and waiting for it to get warm already(!?!),

I seemed to have missed it altogether.

Except for our beloved Fripp trip

There is never a bad day on Fripp Island.

and Camp Indiana,

McDaniel and Ellie in my dad’s 1966 Thunderbird.

it really didn’t even feel like summer at all.

What happened to global warming?

Oh wait.

School started last week and now it’s 90-11 hundred degrees.

So that’s how it’s going to be.

On my first full day of freedom to be in my house on my own (yes!),

I got a call from the dentist that they had a last minute cancellation 
and wondered if I wanted to “swing by”.

Dear word, I am not a fan of the dental chair.

Or someone’s fingers in my mouth.

Especially when that someone is wielding a hook thingy 
or a high-pitched humming anything.

But I said, “Sure!” because I needed to go to the dentist for a cleaning and it was pouring rain outside and well, that just seemed to fit.

Someone even cued the thunder just as I was 
walking into the dentist office.

Not. Funny. 

That afternoon the girls came home with enough paperwork for us to read and sign that we felt we were going to pass some serious legislation.

And without the cute “I’m Just A Bill” song.


Speaking of songs,

I woke up early Sunday morning with the great need in my brain to come up with the greatest hits list of Hall & Oates. 

I think I had that jean jacket, John Oates.


Monte was no help when I asked him what song I was missing from my list.

To his credit, it was still dark out.

It was much later, when I realized it was “One On One” that I was missing.

Interesting that my brain felt the need to come up with THIS list, 

(not to be confused with “Your Kiss Is On My List”

when I was already overloaded with lists of the grocery, school supplies, appointments, meetings and forms variety.

Is there such a thing as a “mental break” list? 
One that actually relaxes the brain rather than overload it?
A “Your List Is On My List” kind of thing?

Among the many, I signed a form for Ellie that agreed that I knew that she was intending to audition for “The Little Mermaid Jr.” musical that her middle school plans to put on in October.

There was a section for scheduling conflicts and “special talents”.

What special talents should a 7th grader have?

Does burping at the dinner table or rejecting any and all 
suggestions made by their parents count?

Then Ellie informed me she was auditioning for the part of Ursula.

The villain.

The octopus villain.


The octopus villain with the deep voice that I briefly had during my bout with the Pioneer Flu.

I felt I could help her with this.

McDaniel felt she could help her too but her version of Ursula 
always pulled too British or too southern. 

Not to brag, but I kinda nailed the read through.

I don’t care what McDaniel and Ellie said.

We practiced for over an hour last night.

Reading her audition lines with just the right inflection and sass

and singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” until my brain spit out 
every Hall & Oates song list it could ever think of. Ever.

But now I keep humming “I’m Just a Bill”…

could be a long night!


  1. Great now I have that song stuck in my Let us know how the audition goes. I always wish I had gotten into drama....but then again I dont think my schools had a drama club.

    1. Sorry for the song stuck in your head! We will find out over the weekend who gets what part in “The Little Mermaid”. I’ll keep you posted…thanks!

  2. "I'm just a bill..." I used to sing that but my favorite was "Conjunction junction" (because I am way more about English than politics - but I would totally vote you into office!) I will trade you a day of sunshine for a day of rain if we can figure out how to make it happen. Happy back to school : )

    1. Thanks, Mindy, dear friend! I’ve missed you! Hope you had a great summer. I always loved “Conjunction Junction” too and the interjection song. You know, the one that said, “He was a hairy bear. He was a scary bear.” Oh no, now I’m going to be singing that all day!

  3. YAY!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! I need to make sure I didn't miss any other posts, because I have back here quite a few times to check in on you!! *Stupid email subscriptions are all jacked up for some reason*

    This is hilarious. Down to the bone HILARIOUS. Your stream of thought? MINE. And by the way- I now MUST have this list of Hall and Oats songs. How dare you talk about it and only spill one song??

    SO cruel.

    And yeah- I'm just a bill is now on 'replay' over here. Thanks a ton. Pff.


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