Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dino Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's sad that the only picture I could find in my photos of Monte and I together was a bad selfie in the dark while it was snowing or this:

Notice the leg pop.

Speaking of dinosaurs,

Monte and I rewatched Jurassic World the other night.

I forgot how intense it was!

I had to "go to the bathroom" during one scene 
because I couldn't take the suspense.

And I already knew what was going to happen.

That night I dreamed that Monte was bit in half by a dinosaur.

What kind, I'm not sure.

I thought for certain he was a goner but he kept talking.

Talk, talk, talk.

I thought to myself, in my dream, can you survive being bit in half by a dinosaur?

Somehow Monte was offended that I "killed him off" in my dream.

I tried to explain that HE WASN'T DEAD 
and still had a lot left to say.

The girls went to a church youth group white elephant party around the holidays.

Ellie came home with a dinosaur chia pet.

Not any real dinosaur, mind you.

The made up one from Jurassic World.

Indominus Rex.

Interesting that the word "minus" is right in the name.

Not that I'm bitter,
she gets it in the end.

But I was still excited.

I read the instructions and instantly got to work.

I soaked the whole terra cotta dinosaur and some of the seeds and then painted them on.

It was so exciting.

And drippy.

So much so that some of the seeds slid down onto the dinosaur's elbow and onto the platform.

I was supposed to keep it near sunlight and mist it daily to keep it hydrated.

Here's what it looked like after Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

Day 4.

Day 5.

Day 6.

The box said I should see growth in a week or two.

I stopped spritzing it somewhere after the second week.

I was washing all the seeds off when I realized that I put chia seeds in my green smoothies.


I could've grown my own chia pet anytime I wanted.

Or not.

After staring at this chia-less terra cotta dinosaur every day as I did the dishes, I decided I would paint it.

I bought acrylic paint in metallic gold and metallic silver.

Monte voted for the silver.

Hello there!

I just saw this on some HGTV email I get because I clicked on something one time and now get daily emails.

I'm unintentionally trendy!

Now to hunt for the smallest little plant ever…

Sorry if this creeps you out.
It makes me laugh.
Look at my cave man feet.
And seriously, who wears a white bathing suit?

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