Monday, November 11, 2013

Some Things to Share and Veteran's Day

Stuff I'd like to share this week:

An amazing story of compassion and reading the signs people don't obviously wear.

Along those same lines, Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote this wonderful post called "I Saw You, Jesus."

Katy In A Corner writes about an amazing lost letter written to her grandmother but delivered 69 years later. So worth watching the adorable video. 

Especially being that it is Veteran's Day.

Speaking of Veteran's Day,

I'd like to honor just a few of the vets I have been blessed to have in my life:

This is my cousin, Brett.

This is a plaque that should be on my grandfather's grave stone now.

Beloved Great Uncle Barney.

Great Uncle Bob. He married
my parents and Monte and I.
He is 90 years old.

My Great Grandfather, Gerald and Great Grandmother, Mabel
with their son Bob. What a treasure this picture is.

And of course, my dear grandfather, PaPa.

McDaniel, his namesake, wearing his
dog tag.

One of the neatest things that McDaniel got to do last year during her class trip to Washington D.C. was "clap in" the World War II vets as they entered the memorial through the organization Honor Flight.

She said it was quite emotional.

I am a bit of a mess just thinking about it.

Each kid in McDaniel's class also had to research and find a name on the Vietnam Memorial.

They scratched their name so it was 
etched in pencil onto their paper.

It reminds of a bible teacher who said to never skip over all those hard to pronounce names in the bible.

They are there for a reason and are meant 
to be remembered and said out loud.


Thank you to all those who are or have served 
in our country's military.

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  1. You have a strong mililtary history in your family too. My Grandpa was in Army during WWII as did his brother. My Dad served in the Navy and an uncle in the Air Force and their cousin the Marines. Honoring them all today.


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