Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not So Much the Techno Dinosaur

I'm just saying…

having a blog with widgets and gadgets and CODE 

for the love of Pete

is dragging me out of the techno Jurassic Park

even if I am kicking and screaming
(if that is what in fact this dinosaur is doing. He looks a little nauseous.)

Well, I need to mention that if you follow this blog on Google Reader and are one of the happy faces that sit on my left hand sidebar


than you are about to go away.

For whatever Google reasons

Google Reader to going away on July 1.

So you have a few options to continue getting my blogs on precious less than my rants of the flesh and observations of well, everything.

•You can subscribe via email 
to get my post updates right in your inbox.
(And you have the option to hit delete when they come.)

That option is to your left on my sidebar.

•Or you can choose the kicky new button 
that is over there as well 
to follow this blog on bloglovin'.

I had to read up on how to get that button which is why I am still in my pajamas at 10:00 am

but I DID IT!

Hear my dying dinosaur roar!

I started following a few blogs on bloglovin' and I really like it.

It is a sort of manager and I and get one email that alerts me to several new posts rather than several emails.

There also doesn't appear to be that pesky delay of getting a Thankful Fridays post on Saturday like I used to in other programs.

So…there you have it!

Now, if I can just figure out how to get a Pinterest button added

without melting my brain…!


  1. Oh do I feel your pain! I joined Bloglovin just yesterday and (still in MY pajamas) have yet to figure out how to add the button haha. Wish me luck! I will be following YOU! I don't want to miss out on even one of your wonderful posts!

  2. Thanks, Mindy! I think we are going to like the switch to Bloglovin'--if nothing else to get us two old dogs to learn some new tricks (respectively speaking of course!) :)


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