Monday, January 28, 2013

Clearing Out

Okay. So it has been over a week since I announced the new challenge I have taken on.

Migonis Home is a blog I follow.


Is anyone else giving this a go?

I think I thought I would get rid of something EVERY DAY.

I haven't.

But I have been quite intentional about making a list of what I want to clean out:

We call this awesome vintage wooden trunk my
parents gave us the Treasure Box. We keep games and
blankets in it. Not treasure.

Which of course will add to the tally

(that I am NOT keeping) 
towards the goal of 365 items 
gone out of my house.

I have managed to clear out all those mysterious Legos that i found and put them into my car to donate


in the near future
(I hope)

because they keep rolling around in their Ziplocs making a pretty big racket when I'm driving.

I have also cleaned out our humongous TV armoire of unwanted board games and DVDs 

which amounted to 3 FULL bags
which we sold to Half Price Books for

wait for it


We have sold 
Disney movies, 
hardback books,
 brand-new DVDs

and they always give us $17.00.

No matter what.

I think the whole waiting for your name to be called with an offer is just a false pretense leading you to believe they are carefully picking through your stuff, looking up their values on some proprietary online database and then carefully tallying the totals.

They have already been trained to offer $17.00.

Or it could just be us.

Yeah, it's probably us.

Having this list of what to clean out is proving quite handy.

Ellie wanted to make some extra cash yesterday without taking any money out of the bank.

She asked for a savings account for her birthday last year.







I quickly referred to the list

decided it was all too much for a 10-year-old to tackle in an afternoon

but then gave her the coat closet to clean.

It looks amazing! 

And we have snow pants and snow boots in a bag ready to be donated.

I also made her vacuum. 
(Because I just didn't feel like it.)

So, in conclusion, the challenge is still ON

I am just being more realistic about it.


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I can't believe you received $17 from Half Price Books. I hardly ever get $5 and I also give very good items. Keep up the good work of giving away. It always makes me feel . . . clean?

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

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