Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Challenge

I know, I KNOW! 

You might be saying, ANOTHER challenge?!

Like the 31 Days of Story Telling back in October.

And the Tuesdays Unwrapped in December.

And the whole One Word for the new year year thing.

There is a good chance you might be getting just sick to death of me doing them.

But I need accountability.

Dare I say, a schedule.

I am such a creature of habit.



When I saw this challenge on a blog I follow (Migonis Home) this morning, I felt inspired.

You see, my youngest is doing a presentation today on Sir Walter Raleigh.
(The explorer--I knew I recognized the name but I was like, "Who was he again?")

Ellie gets to dress up like Sir Walter Raleigh. I thought of the Captain's Hook hat I wore several years ago for Halloween and felt it would be PERFECT for Ol' Walt's outfit.

I looked in the Halloween boxes in the garage.

In toy boxes. 
(Seriously, WHY do we have toy boxes still?! 
And why were there Legos in the toy box? 
My girls NEVER played with Legos!)

Then I went into the dreaded attic closet in McDaniel's room.

Oh. My. Heavens.

I am lucky I wasn't killed.

Literally stuffed from floor to ceiling with all the things that McDaniel didn't know what to do with every time we told her to clean her room.

I found a LOVELY dress winter coat that Ellie could be wearing.

It literally fell at my feet.

What a disaster!!!

I never did find that Captain Hook hat.

So this challenge has hit me

at the right time 

with the right motivation 

for the right spaces I need to purge.

I know, I know. 

365 items GONE from my house. 
It sounds like a million. 

But if you saw that attic closet, you would realize that there are about 13 trillion items crammed in there!

Now, I know that there will be a GREAT temptation to clean that closet and say,

"Hey! I'm done for the year! 
That was just like 13 trillion items purged from my house. 
Challenge accomplished!"

But would it be? Really??

No, I want to stay true to the challenge and make this an everyday deal. Even if it is throwing something out of the fridge before I put something new in.

I am SO counting that! Don't tell me that doesn't count!!

Now, if you read today's full post on Migonis Home, she recommends coming up with a plan of how you will accomplish this challenge.

And wouldn't you know the devotion I did this morning was about making an intentional plan to accomplish our goals as well?


just a shot in the dark here, 

but I think I am supposed to do this with some sort of plan.

Which I don't have.


So, going back to that other challenge I took on

(I am starting to sound a wee bit crazy) 

of the one word for the year

mine being LINK,

I want to LINK up with you all so we can HELP each other do this 365 Project.
(Don't you like how I am totally assuming you all are completely on board on doing this challenge with me?)

I want to know how YOU plan to do this so I can figure out how I can do it too.

So what do you say??

Say yes.
Say yes.
Say yes.

Plan for today:  get rid of the Legos!

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