Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I have decided to link up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting At The Sky for a month of Tuesdays "unwrapped".

She is asking bloggers to consider what we each have in our lives right now.

If you haven't already, check out her two books:

Grace For The Good Girl

I highlighted, underlined and wrote notes ALL OVER this book. It so spoke to me in a way I didn't know it would.

and Graceful.

I am not all the way through it yet, but loving it just as much. It is a Grace For the Good Girl for younger girls. Can't wait to pass it on to my teenage daughter.

As I type this, I am in a hotel room in Nashville, TN.

It is a gray, rainy day so the walking around and exploring I was going to do is on hold.

But that is ok.

My brain is still in knots.

My life has been a mad dash of many details and things to get done just so I could be here now.

In this hotel room


While my husband is across town at a budget meeting.

I want to thank my friend Sumita, for the idea of getting away with the hubby even though he would be busy most of the time.

She goes to conferences with her husband and hangs out in the hotel.

She strongly recommended it in the way that only someone with their brain not in knots can do.

So I came to be alone.

To let my brain unknot.

What a luxury.

To be able to get away at the beginning of such a busy season.

The Christmas cards haven't been addressed or sent.
(I thought about bringing them but my husband said no. I am glad he did.)

The gift lists haven't been made.

But the tree is up.

The nativity set is on the piano.

And here I sit.



Listening to a distant vacuum running.

Waiting to unknot…

Last week a teacher at my daughter's elementary school

died in her sleep.

She was only 37.

Two young kids.

Right before Christmas.

So many people with so many questions.

Two of them my daughters 
asking what everyone wants to know:

Why a young mommy?
Why an aneurysm?
Will you get an aneurysm, Mommy?

God is in control.

His grace is sufficient.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

I just got a call from my parents who are staying with my girls so I can be here.

Ellie is home from school with a 103 temperature.

I had to explain to my mother where to find

the pediatrician's number 
and office 
and the children's Advil in the spice cabinet.

All the while thinking that THIS is what Emily Freeman wanted her bloggers to discover.

THIS is my gift to unwrap this Tuesday.


Even from long-distance.


And my baby is sick.

But my momma is taking good care of her.

Like she did so many times of me.

And even though I wanted a "get away"

I don't want to wish away

These precious moments of motherhood.

It is amazing how once I stopped thinking just of ME

I could instantly feel the knot in my brain loosening.


  1. Motherhood, that holy calling that forever changes who we are.

  2. I know--what did I DO before being a mother?!


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