Friday, December 14, 2012

Some Things Old, Some New

I have posted some updated pictures of my latest color change to my Spoon Flower Wreath. I decided to spray paint it red some time ago. It is looking quite Poinsettia-like now that it is Christmas. You can check it out in its original glory here.

The city came either in the dark of night or early morning and planted this tiny tree with brown shriveled up leaves. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.
The tag says it is an Ironwood tree.
That's Ironwood, not Iron Man.
Monte asked, so I decided to
go ahead and clarify.

I keep hearing Linus from The Peanut Gang say:

"Of all the Charlie Browns, you are the Charlie Brownest."

That pretty much sums up how I feel about this tree.

And covers the "some things old" section of this post. 

Onto the new…
I made a Christmas ornament wreath.

I originally saw this wreath here.


But it takes WAY more ornaments than you can imagine 

so buy more than you think you will ever need. 

Than buy more than that.

This is when thrift stores and Dollar Tree come in handy.

Although I bought mine at Wal-Mart.

Wire Hanger
(Can anyone say that and NOT think of Mommy Dearest?)
Small, Medium and Large Round Christmas Ornaments
(plastic if possible, glass could break on a door)
Hot glue gun

1. Bend your wire hanger into a circle untwisting the circle so the ornaments can be slid onto the wire.

2. Before sliding ornaments onto the wire, hot glue each metal wire piece onto the ornament so they won't fall off while on your wreath.

See the red mat under my glue gun? It is a silicone liner
meant for baking sheets. Since I have a fear of all things
silicone poisoning my food, I use it for hot glue gunning.
It is AWESOME! Dried glue peels right off.
3. Alternate sliding small, medium and large ornaments to your liking.

4. Run out of ornaments and go buy more.

It is this shade of green that led me to Wal-Mart--TWICE.

5. When you reach the end of the wire, using pliers, bend wire around the neck of the curved hook part that will act as your hanger.

This was too big to hang in between my door and the
storm door. But I was giving it to my mom for her
birthday anyway.


  1. Sumita8:17 AM

    Looks Awesome - Love the color combination!

  2. Love both your spoon and ornament wreath. Thanks for sharing with this week's Throwback Thursday party.


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