Monday, May 18, 2015


Ellie and I went to see Cinderella a few Sundays ago while Monte and McDaniel were watching the new Avengers movie.

Ellie had already seen Avengers with friends that Friday night.

I don’t do superhero movies.

Unless, of course, it’s at home, 
I absolutely HAVE to
and I’m allowed to hot glue something during it.

Ellie and I were the only two people in the entire theater.

We tried putting our feet up on the seats in front of us because, 

who would care,

but it wasn’t super comfortable 

and it kinda blocked our 
own view of the screen. 

So much for being rebels.

The thing that really struck me in the Cinderella movie was the prince’s insistence on opening the royal ball to everyone.

Allowing ANY maiden in the village to come regardless of her bloodline.

And it wasn’t the princess that was shoved his way that the prince favored,

but a commoner.

So, basically, a Kate Middleton.

It was quite the bold suggestion.

A prince with royal blood marrying a girl with, well, none.

It rocked tradition.

We’ve been reading in Psalms for bible study and I’m also doing a discipleship program that has me reading through Luke.

Both talk of the “favor” of the Lord.

In Luke it’s absolutely groundbreaking that Jesus speaks of and to the Gentiles, not just the Jews, the chosen people.

He opened up the ball.

People weren’t happy one bit about it just like the advisors to the king weren’t happy in Cinderella about the prince’s suggestion for the ball, which its intention was finding him a suitable bride.

In Jesus’s kingdom, he’s inviting us ALL. 

To know Him. 

To spend eternity with 
Him in heaven. 

A forever ball.

Not just for the holy, 

the certain religions only, 

the try-hards, 

the I-have-to-earn-my-wayers, 

the non-doubters.


And he favors us.



Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior,

it doesn’t matter if the 
glass slipper doesn’t fit.

Jesus shattered it on the cross.

It’s irrelevant.

And that’s just about the happiest ending I can think of.

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  1. Jesus shattered it - indeed the perfect ending. I have not seen the new Cinderella movie but was interested since I saw the cousin from Downton Abbey was going to play her. Occasionally my husband and I go to a local theater during the day (when he is on vacation or has a day off during the week) and have had it to ourselves - such fun. I usually sneak a kiss : )


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