Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother’s Day Weekend

On Thursday, I got a text from Julie that she noticed a HUGE box at my front door when she stopped by.

I was at lunch.

When I got home, it took me and the neighbor girl who happened to stop by to drag this box inside.

It was addressed to Monte.

Of course.

I wondered what type of paper products 
he’d ordered in bulk this time.

I also feared he’d ordered some ginormous
Gator for our front yard.

When Monte got home from work he told me it was my Mother’s Day gift and I could go ahead and open it.

It was this:

Lush, backyard, huh!

A livestock trough.


Before you start getting a teence bit mad at Monte on my behalf, 

I ASKED for this.

Actually, two of them. 
But I’m happy with one to start.

I’m going to fill it with dirt and make a raised garden bed.

No more bunny rabbits chewing up my plants!

No more bending over to weed!

The problem now is where to put it because my girlfriend warned me that once you put the dirt in it, it will not be budged.

If only the patio was installed! 

It’s now been a month since 
the originally promised install date.


In the mean time, it sits in our dirt pile/yard for all to see making us, to quote McDaniel, “official Rednecks” now.

The sun really reflects off the metal too, I’m sure blinding the pilots flying overhead.

I love my livestock trough! 

I kinda thought we’d head out of town together to a farm supply store to pick it out, but then again, I forgot who I’m married to.

I spent my Friday in the extreme heat tagging all the stuff we’ve been storing since the house construction for a yard sale.

Our city-wide yard sale date was Saturday.

I’ll go more into that in a few days.

It was super hot then too.

Me and the girls left Monte for a few minutes during our yard sale to hit a few of the other sales and came back fairly quickly ( with inline skates for both girls, some Mason jars, a purse and a free football.

The girls immediately tried out the skates.

Ellie dusted off her old ice skating lesson skills and took to it easily.

McDaniel was a little less confident.

On Sunday the girls treated me to breakfast in bed and handpicked flowers from the yard.

Our lilacs finally bloomed!!

McDaniel helped me with 13 kindergarten through 2nd graders in Sunday School.

We made angels out of crescent roll dough. We baked them and had the kids eat them.

Trying to keep them patient and all sitting down and all listening to the lesson during the baking process fully challenged my motherhood skills.

They were adorable,
especially the little boy with a bad case of bed head,
but I was pooped.

We rushed out of church to our favorite Mother’s Day brunch.

Don’t let the background fool you, we were still in Ohio.

It was a seafood theme this year, which we adored.

And the pistachio creme brûlée was wonderful.

The rice krispie treats with crushed up Reese’s Pieces on top? 

I decided to come home and clean out my closet lest I go into a full-belly coma.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

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  1. At least you got what you asked for! That is great...and thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!


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