Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School

It has been a while since I have posted anything here.

August was busy (I will explain later) and I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the remaining days of summer with my girls.

McDaniel started high school today.



Thankfully, she is at school with only the freshman today so they can get adjusted to the school without getting mowed over by all the upper class men.

That comes tomorrow.

Ellie felt sassy enough to wear cowboy boots on her first day! They made the
freshman all wear the same shirt today.

 Ellie started middle school today.

She was ready last December.

In fact, summer couldn't end FAST ENOUGH for her.

She was THAT excited for middle school!

Ellie was all like, "See ya!"

This is how McDaniel REALLY felt about starting
high school. Ellie can barely hold back her smile.
McDaniel started having nightmares last spring about high school.

Nightmares that involved gangs, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Or basically the plot from an after school special. 
(Remember those from the 80s that explained things like "Roid Rage"?)

We tried to reassure McDaniel. Asked her to pray for courage and peace.

While Monte and I prayed for courage and peace.

We even had her pediatrician tell her flat out:

"There is NO gang activity at your high school!"

Thank you, Doc!

Then she threw in:

"But there is a heroin problem."

McDaniel's eyes

and MINE

grew wide.

A friend showed McDaniel around the school last week and helped her get her locker open and assured her that

"NO, a senior boy will not have a locker right next to you 
and shave in between classes."

Another fear of hers.
Where does she get these crazy ideas?!

She also feared getting shoved into her locker by some menacing upper class men.

She needs to stop watching Disney shows about high school

and remember the fact that she is 6 feet tall!

I guess there is a little basis for that locker shoving fear.

On her first day of middle school, 3 years ago, an 8th grader shoved her into a bank of lockers (knocking her down) and he just walked off laughing.

Monte went through several stages of rage and possible revenge tactics before he remembered he was:

1) An adult.
2) A Christian.
3) A father who was making a very big impression on his daughter with his reaction.

Weeks later she pointed out the "pusher" walking home from school.

If ever there was a stereo type "bully"

he was it.

He would get the part of mean kid from Christmas Story every time.

Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!

He is totally going to be at school with McDaniel again!
Unless he moved.

What if he remembers and tries to shove her again tomorrow?

Unless he moved.

What if (in reaction to possible future shoving) Monte forgets he is

1) An adult.
2) A Christian.
3) A father who is making a VERY BIG impression on his daughter with his reaction???

What if the bully falls in love with her and asks her out?

Unless he moved.

What if Monte forgets

1) We agreed he should never have a gun in the house.
2) He is a Christian?!?!

I am sure this kid moved.

Didn't I just hear somewhere that he moved??

I need a nap.

And to pray for courage and peace.


  1. Oh Karmen I love you and the way you look at life (that can be scary and full of unknowns) with humor and grace. As Mom of a daughter who went through a serious time of anxiety during one year of middle school I will be praying for courage and peace for you all. (And that that the boy will move or has a radical conversion and learns to serve God with all his heart)

  2. You just made me laugh out loud! I have missed your smart comments, Mindy! I am glad to be back to having a schedule and always appreciate your support.

  3. This is the best first Day of school post...a bit of humor, concern and prayer all rolled into one..LOL I'm sure the kid has moved....or will fall in love with her...unless that's just as bad as shoving on your Husband's list..LOL :D

  4. I think my daughter having a boyfriend is WAY worse than shoving in my husband's book! I shudder to think of his reaction…and that is why I need prayer.

  5. Hi! Stopping by from Finding the Funny blog hop. Great post!! Made me giggle!!

    Leigh (humor writer) over at www.leighbones.com


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