Friday, August 30, 2013

Things I Learned in August

Inspired by Chatting at the Sky, I am once again going to try to do a post on what I have learned this month.

I did a similar post in June but was on vacation the end of July so I skipped that month.


I think I just fell asleep,

that was so boring.
So here we go:


1. Death is so much easier to bear 
when I KNOW where they are spending eternity.

Since January, I have lost 3 family members, all siblings.
(You can read about that here, here and here.)

But they are all together right now in heaven in the presence of Jesus.

I KNOW this.

It is hard to not smile at that fact.

And should put a fire under me to pray hard 
for those I don't have that absolute knowledge.

2.   My family is such a blessing.

We aren't a perfect group, 

this big, huge loud extended family of mine, 

but we try to stay close in our huddle.

Even if some don't seem to be willing to wear the team jersey.

God so perfectly places us in our "family huddle" 

and we each can say what we want about who we think are the best 

bench warmers, 
water boys, 
and cheerleaders.

But it is our huddle, win or lose.

And I thank God for them. 

3. It is easier to have a bad day then to watch your kid have one.

This whole starting a new school business

whether it is middle school

high school

or college

is hard enough to experience firsthand

but gut wrenching to watch from afar.

It seems this week has been a week similar to 

"Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

Remember this?
Or as Ellie put it,

"A Diary of a Wimpy Kid day"

These books and movies are cute.

It was a week of:

•losing a student ID

•getting a book bag stolen

•nearly pooping their pants in front of 
a large group of people while swing dancing
(I did not just make that up)

•switching to a class only to find out the teacher 
is a bitter-stingy-with-the-good-grades-suspected-
puppy-kicker kinda person who seems to hate you

•tripping over the boy bent down by the locker next to you and falling spectacularly and two older boys have to help you up. 
And you are wearing a dress. And you hurt your knee.

•auditioning for a part in a musical that you practiced and practiced and practiced for and the judges, seemingly coldly, cut you off early into your monologue. Before the best part. And this was the same day you hurt your knee falling spectacularly over the boy bent down by the locker next to you.

Gut wrenching.
(And a little funny. C'mon--a near pants-pooping while swing dancing? I am only human.)

But here is the great lesson for me.

They are all fine. 

Everyone of these Alexanders (or "Wimpy Kids") that picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and moved on

even if they were limping

from their bad days.

And here I am,

a little dizzy from the roller coaster ride

and stiff from the time spent on my knees 
in prayer on their behalf.

But they are all fine.

4. You can tell Siri on your iPhone to text people.

This may not be anything new to you, but this was downright, "Shut the front door" awesome for me.

Being the "iPhoner" I am

who still can't pick up her voicemail without calling the
person back and hanging up quickly in a panic.

Plus, Siri says Carisa "Ca-reeee-sa"
which is funny stuff.

I think that is it.

What lessons did you learn in August?
Super Sunday Sync


  1. So glad you did this link-up! I am working on a post (okay I have the title and one sentence typed) for the same. Maybe I will make it. I so agree with your #1 and am praying hard too. I also am thankful for family (#2) and as for #3, I have wished so many times I could trade places with my child. Praying your daughter's days get easier and she learns to laugh like her Mama : ) Have a great weekend friend.

  2. Thanks, Mindy! Have a great weekend too!

  3. So nodding my head to #s 1 and 3!!!

    I learned that summer goes too fast!! School starts day after tomorrow, and I hate to see vacation over. But we're looking forward to school too, if that makes a lick of sense.

    Thanks for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  4. Oh, it DOES make a lick of sense!! I hate to see summer go but am thankful for the return of routine--even if it makes me crazy.

  5. For me, my lesson was to savor the quiet days. August flew by. I would have liked another two weeks of summer, with just my kids, no company...sitting out by the pool, watching them play in the water.

  6. This list was great! I totally can agree it's easier to have a bad day when you watch a little kid have one. They keep me grounded.


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