Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Had a Weird Dream and I Blame the Scary Clowns

Day #11

I have weird dreams all the time but this one is right up there with some of my classics.

or the one where I saw the 

Usually I have candy corn or some late night BBQ potato chips to blame for my crazy dreams.

But this one?

There may have been a few BBQ chips involved
but I MAINLY blame the clowns.

In the dream I was riding my beloved bike, Lolly.

It was a very normal ride down a very familiar street that passes the elementary school the girls attended.

I glanced over at the school as I passed by to see a guy on a bike pedal alongside me.

Even with me.

Except his bike didn’t just have him on it.

Attached on the right side of his bike 
were three other bikes

with three other bikers on them.

They were faceless, monochromatic mannequins complete with wigs and bicycle helmets.

They were all connected to the guy 
so that when HE pedaled, THEY pedaled.

All four of them, in sync.

Kind of like this.

Except without the music or faces or outfits.

And on a bicycle.

The guy kept looking at me,

as we rode,

side by side 
(by side
by side
by side)

with absolutely no expression.


It's not like one of the mannequins looked over and gave me a,

“Can you believe this guy?”

glance or anything.

Which would’ve freaked me out
considering they had no distinguishable 
eyes, nose or mouth.

Then the guy sped up and rode on past me.

It scared me.

I woke up wondering why this guy bothered to buy three extra bicycle helmets for mannequins with no skull or brain to protect.

Monte wondered why this was my first question.

I blame the clowns.


if the guy on the bike had been a clown 
with three clowns attached to him 
on bikes with red wigs and bicycles helmets?!

I’d be telling this dream to someone 
with a notepad 
and a proper medical degree.

I blame the clowns.

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