Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just For Fun

Day #22


There’s just been too much heaviness 
so I’m going to keep this light and breezy.

Here’s some stuff just for fun:

• Cows Frolicking

My friend Shannon sent me a video of cows frolicking in the grass after a long winter inside. She sent it to me on Facebook and I couldn’t find the exact video on YouTube but this one is close.

She and I talked about how fascinating and calming it is to watch. A cow getting pure joy out of being outside in the grass. I love it!

• Jon Crist

We saw Jon as the opening act for the comedian Tim Hawkins a few years ago. He’s funny! He puts out these funny little videos on Instagram. This is his latest one:

Be sure to check out the one about Christian music too.

• Tim Hawkins Podcast

Speaking of Tim Hawkins, he has a podcast with the people he travels on the road with and various guests along the way. Like Jon Crist and Kirk Cameron. They record the podcast after Tim’s comedy shows and they are usually tired and slap happy and soo funny!

There’s one guy who cracks me up just by laughing. 

It’s one of those wheezy laughs that gets me every time.

They have all these characters they do that pop in and out of the podcasts. The guy who criticizes the olive bar at Whole Foods is hysterical.

I usually listen when I’m cleaning the kitchen or wrapping 432 boxes.

• That time I almost lost my finger to a packing tape incident.

Speaking of boxes,

I’ve been wrapping shoeboxes for favors for our upcoming women’s retreat at church. 

I’ve been using packing tape to secure the thick kraft paper I’m using to wrap the boxes.

Packing tape is tricky.

It’s thick and super sticky.

I somehow managed to get a piece of tape wrapped around my middle finger on my right hand. I tried to yank the tape ends apart but that just tightened its hold and grip on my finger.

It instantly turned purple. 

It was like one of those Chinese finger trick things where the only way you free your fingers is to relax and not try to yank them out in a panic.


I panicked and yanked harder, 

shutting off all blood flow. 

I screamed and somehow frantically shoved scissors under the tape and cut the tape off with MY LEFT HAND.

It hurt.

There was a heat beat in my finger 
for a good two hours.

Speaking of Chinese finger tricks,

McDaniel got one of those things at a carnival when she was younger and got her two index fingers so tightly stuck that we COULD. NOT. FREE THEM.

We had to take her to a basketball game with her fingers still stuck in them.

Luckily, it wasn’t her basketball game.

Can you imagine if it was?!

She spent the first half of the game cheering on her friend with her hands hidden underneath her coat until Monte finally Googled an escape plan.

• Things that sound like Chewbacca

I saw this on Facebook Friday night and laughed really hard.

I was clearly tired.

But to my defense, the toilet did remind me of that condo
 we rented in Florida one spring break where the toilet 

• Joanna and Chip Gaines

This is great.

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