Saturday, October 29, 2016

Shameless Plug

Day #29

I’ve been out of town for three days so I’m way behind on everything.

McDaniel is doing a senior capstone project.

She chose to support an offshoot of C.R.A.C.K.HOUSE ministries 
(Christ Resurrects After Crack Kills) 
called Church Boys Boxing.

The ministry hopes to provide a building to house a gym to get the teens of the area off the streets and teach them boxing as a constructive use of their time, energy, frustrations, etc.

McDaniel is collecting boxing equipment and raising money to contribute to their building fund.

She started a Go Fund Me page and we are doing a bake sale next week.

She wrote this fundraising letter:

In order to graduate my high school has us create a capstone project where we have to show proof of learning. I have learned that I want to accomplish lot more than just sitting around learning. 

I want to go out and DO.

In this moment of in-between thinking and actual action I thought about something. There are people who live minutes away from myself who long for my bad days and wish for my good days.

Doesn’t that put things into perspective? My worst day where everything could go absolutely wrong could've been someone else's best day. This type of thinking has led me to develop a heart and interest in inner city teens.

In order to fill this claim, I have partnered with Pastor Ellison of C.R.A.C.K House Ministries which stands for Christ Resurrects After Crack Kills. Through this ministry they have branch organizations such as Church Boys Boxing. 

My project, Church Boys Boxing is an innovative program designed for the boys and teens in the Linden, OH area. Through this program, they learn training and discipline as well as skills that will help them join in the extra-curricula aspects of their schools.

My goal for this project is to be able to build Church Boys Boxing their own gym that could serve also a safe house for any circumstances. 

I have started a gofundme page which the link is right here

Any donation counts :) Feel free to forward the link on to anyone! 

God Bless, 

If you feel so inclined, click the gofundme link

Thank you!

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