Saturday, October 15, 2016

Giddy Up, Eunice

Day #15

I took a break from reading Alexander Hamilton this summer to read Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson.

This is her third book and just might be my favorite.

The other two were more memoir like in genre.

This one is a close look at the multi-generational relationships 
in the bible between women.

The word “multi-generational” is a funny word for me.

Last year when I was at our church’s women’s retreat,

the one where I spoke with all the courage of the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz,

I got to spend time with a lovely young woman 
who was leading the worship songs.

We had such a great time together.

She was interesting, talented and a quick wit.

I so enjoyed her.

I decided the week following the event to send her an email telling her so.

She replied with sweet words and then a sentence something like this:

“I just love how our church fosters 
multi-generational relationships.”

Ummm… say what?

I was the “multi-generational” she was referring to!

She was in her 20s and for a second or two, 

I must’ve thought I was too.

Nothing the term “multi-generational” couldn’t fix right up.

I felt ready for a hip replacement 

or a plastic rain bonnet.

I shared this with my prayer group.

They love bringing it up every now and then.

As it turns out, 

so does God.

He keeps surrounding me with these smart, beautiful, younger women who are so open and funny and friendly.

I love it!

But I feel like I need to warn them
of my impending hip replacement.

Oh, it’s coming… eventually.

As God would have it,

Sophie’s book came out right in the middle of me feeling like the “Meemaw” 
around these adorable young women.

The book is divided into three parts, discussing the “multi-generational” relationships in the bible between 

Naomi and Ruth, 
Elizabeth and Mary 
and Eunice and Lois.

Sophie does a beautiful job showing the wisdom, comfort and companionship these women provided for each other.

As in both ways.

As Sophie always beautifully does, she peppers in stories of her own “multi-generational” relationships.

It reminded me of the sweet, dear, older ladies in my bible study.

They are all in their 80s.

I love them so 
and value every word they say.

They have such peace and wisdom.

I’m not there yet.

This book really sinks in that we need each other,

young and old,

and we shouldn’t break into groups 
by age all the time.

There’s too much we have to offer one another.

If you haven’t done so, check out Sophie’s blog at

And her other books:

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