Sunday, October 30, 2016

David Pumpkins. Any Questions?

Day #30


Maybe you haven't seen the Tom Hanks skit on SNL about David Pumpkins.

It’s a great example of how Monte approaches comedy.

Quantity over quality.

This skit just wears you down 
until you laugh.

Or maybe it’s the annoying music.


it’s Halloween Eve and due to crazy schedules, we just got around to all being 
in the same place at the same time so we could decorate our pumpkins.

None of us were feeling like carving and scooping out our pumpkins this year so we went with a painting/costume theme.

I dug through our costume prop box and decided to make one of our small pumpkins a Piggy Pumpkin.

We were The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf one year for Halloween.

I eventually made her a girl.

We’ve had our pumpkins for a few weeks, sitting on the front steps.

Monte’s pumpkin got cracked and was starting to smell when he brought it inside to decorate.

He went to move it a little and the entire bottom, guts included, just fell out.

He didn’t handle it well.

You may have heard his gagging.

This is all that was left of Monte’s pumpkin after I scooped up the guts.
This splat still smelled unbelievably bad.
I had to light a candle.

Luckily, we had extra.

I had picked a really warty pumpkin and we decided that would make a pretty good Captain Hook.

Back to the costume box.

We were the characters from Peter Pan one year. 

It was one of my best years, as I got to be Captain Hook 
because I had the hair for it.

Monte found the pirate face he wanted online.

That’s a stick-on mustache we found in the prop box.

McDaniel decided on a patriotic theme.

No surprise.

She wanted to paint her patriotic pumpkin on the flag that she and the girl down the street painted on our driveway this summer.

But it started to rain so we had to move inside.

She wrote America Is The Best on it.

Ellie wanted a metallic pumpkin.

Luckily, I had mirror spray paint that I bought by mistake.

It covered really well.

She originally wrote Boo in glow in the dark and gold paint but it was hard to read.

So she sprayed over it decided to add polka dots instead.

It was still raining so we haven’t put them back back outside yet.

So, we are pumpkin ready for Halloween.

Any questions?

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