Saturday, October 01, 2016

31 Days of Our Lives

Day #1

It’s October 1st and that means I am going to attempt to write for 31 days straight about these crazy days of our lives.

Like the college visits we’ve been on so far.

Good books I’ve read or am currently reading.

The crazy clowns that are terrorizing the nation and FREAKING OUT my girls.

My husband’s (hopefully uneventful but who am I kidding?) colonoscopy.

How Siri asked if she should call the Suicide Hotline for me.

And anything else that might be happening on any given day of my life.

No, this has NOTHING to do with soap operas.

Seriously, I have enough going on 
to watch someone else’s drama.

So, here we go!


  1. Sounds like we've got a delightful October to look forward to. :-)

  2. My favorite month just because you pist daily!


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