Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Breaking

We are in Florida on Spring Break.

So we got to wake up to warm sunny skies Easter morning.

I know, it was strange after the l-o-n-g winter we've just experienced in Ohio.

While we were hanging in the pool, we noticed this being written in the sky:

A little fuzzy because of the screened enclosure around the pool. It says
"He is Risen".

This is the Jesus portion of  "Praise Jesus".
There was also a message of King of Kings written in the sky but it was a little further away and hard to see.

Such a neat treat on Easter.

Can you imagine being that airplane pilot?


I'd get so queasy.

Speaking of queasy,

we are headed to Disney World tomorrow.

The girls are so excited.

I just want to be able to hang with them on the rides.

I didn't fare so well this summer at King's Island.

Ellie told me this one ride was labeled "low key" or something safe-sounding like that.

It went underground, upside down and fire shot at us.

Not that I would know, 

since my eyes were firmly shut tight.

But I could feel the heat on my face.

I may or may not have blacked out for a bit.

Afterwards, I was so queasy, I had to sit down 

and have Monte get me a root beer 
(my antidote for queasiness discovered during both of my pregnancies)

and a cup of fries.

I realized as I sat alone 
(my family ditched me for more rides)
parked under one of those tables with an umbrella shading it

eating my cup of fries

and sipping my root beer

that one of those electric carts would be divine.

They have cup holders and everything.

Back to Disney.

The girls are older now and not afraid to try the "bigger" rides.

Like Space Mountain.

I am a little worried about that one.

The last time I rode that didn't go so well.

I was 14.

It was like circa 1984.

It was August.

And 118 degrees.

My family had spent a week or so going to different Florida destinations 

in a pop-up camper.

There are 6 people in my family.

We owned a pop-up camper that slept 6 
(on paper).

That has nothing to do with Disney, but wanted to throw that out there as to the wealth of childhood vacation stories that I have yet to tell.

We had never been to Magic Kingdom before. 

My dad had been to the newly opened EPCOT through his principals convention (he was an elementary school principal).

So when Dad announced that Space Mountain was 
an educational ride about space exploration, 

we believed him.

The line was long.

As we crept along, my mom pointed out the signs in warning for those who are pregnant or with heart conditions.

My dad assured her that was for liability reasons 
and they had to post those on all the rides.

None of us could remember seeing any of those warnings before getting on "It's A Small World".

So we continued to wait.

1 1/2 hours later, the 6 of us got belted into our own car.

And then we got sucked into a black hole of 

SO. NOT. an. educational. ride. about. space. exploration.

One of us kids started screaming, "MOMMY!"
(the identity of that kid is STILL a hotly debated issue).

We were tossed about through turns and drops 

in the complete darkness.

I am pretty sure my older sister fainted in front of me

or she just went limp with fear.

When it was over

most of us were crying.

I'm not sure my mother was speaking to my father anymore.

As we walked out into the bright sunlight

my dad took it upon himself to LOUDLY inform those still waiting to ride Space Mountain,

"This is NOT an educational ride about 
space exploration! 
I REPEAT this is NOT an educational ride about space exploration!"

Pray for me.



  1. Oh Karmen, this is hysterical. I just got talked into going on the water slides at Aquatica... definitely not my thing. I did two, screamed the whole time, and swore "never again". I'll take the root beer and fries, thanks very much.

  2. I'm such a disney fan. I love space mountain but you're right -nothing educational about it!

  3. You are so funny! I am not a ride person so I would definitely be in the shade with the soda and fries.

    Love the air photos - how special to have that on Easter!


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