Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston and Bible Study

If I could even put 3 words together to describe my feelings about what happened in Boston, I hope it would've sounded like this.

Such a great read from Jennifer Dukes Lee.

On Tuesday mornings, I help with a 4th and 5th grade bible study at my daughter's elementary school.

It meets at 7:30 am and is parent led.

The mom that taught on Tuesday morning has never taught before.

And we had never met.

She taught on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego 
and the fiery furnace from Daniel 3.
(You KNOW I just had to pull out my bible to get the spelling right on these names. 
Spell check was NOT coming to my aid.)

This mom talked about faith and how Jesus is ALWAYS the 4th man in the fire with us.

The Father, 
the Son, 
and the Holy Spirit

and then US.

The TV show "The Bible" did this story beautifully.

I pick up a car load of girls each Tuesday morning on the way to bible study.

This past Tuesday morning one little girl was all panicked chatter about what happened in Boston.

Her parents were getting ready to get onto a plane for Ireland just minutes after word of the Boston bombing came out.

Not comforting news for a 5th grade girl 
worried about her parents leaving the country 

This poor girl seemed fixed on the uncertainty of it all.

The whys?
The whodunits?
The what's nexts?

My attempts to give her peace failed.

I watched her shoulders relax when the precious mom talked about our God being in 
every fire with us.

That we weren't designed to go it alone.

We prayed.

For peace.
For light in darkness.

For comfort.

I approached the mom afterwards to thank her for 

the thought out lesson

in light of the disturbing Boston bombings.

She said she planned the lesson before the bombings as a prompting from God. 

She thought it was a reminder about something 
He had worked out in her life 
some time ago.

I explained the panic of the girl in my car that morning.

Of her shoulders relaxing from the comfort of knowing she isn't alone.

And neither was anyone in Boston.

As we stood there staring at each other in 

wordless wonder 


I felt so bonded with this woman

I had never met before.

It was all afresh for me.


that this is what He intended for us.

To encourage

support one another,


To RUN TOWARDS the hurting

to shed HIS light on the darkness.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 
"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, 
but will have the light of life."
John 8:12

A Royal Daughter


  1. Oh, how I love the way God orchestrates things perfectly! Your story is such a wonderful example of His love and care.

  2. Oh I love how God pulls us together. I am late in linking this weekend but God pulled me back to Tell His Story. I am following you.
    Excellent story on God leading and your friend listening to Him.
    Great to meet you,
    I do run a group blog at Under the Cover of Prayer where I posted my link today.


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