Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Looksee At Spring Break…Part 2

Where were we?

Oh yeah, still in Orlando at Downtown Disney.

There is the largest Disney store in the world at Downtown Disney.
Shocking, huh!
Pocahontas was hanging out in a canoe on the
ceiling. McDaniel LOVES Pocahontas.

That is her watching Pocahontas with her
John Smith and Pocahontas dolls.
McDaniel really thought she was going to find a Pocahontas t-shirt or sweatshirt somewhere at Magic Kingdom or Downtown Disney.


But I happened to overhear a worker in the Disney store tell a guy about a "make your own t-shirt" shop in the same shopping center.


It was a Hanes shop with computer kiosks that looked like t-shirts.

You could choose a long sleeve, short sleeve or fitted t-shirt in a small choice of colors.

Then you could pick your graphic images by Disney princess, Disney TV, Disney movies or Disney characters.

No. Pocahontas.

We even asked someone about it.

No. Pocahontas.

Ellie picking out her shirt.
 This is what McDaniel came up with since, in case you didn't hear, there was no Pocahontas.

McDaniel threw in the lyrics of a song from Pocahontas. Take that Downtown Disney!
 We were trying to look for lyrics to a Little Mermaid song for Ellie when she typed this up:

 It says:

Some days I wish
That I was her.
Yes, a mermaid.

Can you hear the single sad sound of a lone violin playing?
Ellie is definitely hitting the sullen hormonal roller coaster of adolescence.

We had to wait an hour for the shirts to be made so we went to a candy store nearby.

McDaniel ordered a custom Mickey shaped rice krispie treat on a stick.

It was so heavy.

Slowing down. Look at all the M&Ms
that have fallen off onto the plate.

When we picked the shirts up after an hour, we were instructed that we had to turn the shirts inside out to wash and hang them to dry.

I asked a simple question like, 

"Every time?" 
(Maybe with just a teence bit of annoyance.)

And the guy in charge got very persnickety.

"Well, only if you want them to stay nice!"
And he may or may not have done a Z snap.
(Ok, not. But it was heavily implied.)


I am NOT one of those people who fuss over the 
wear and tear and care of clothes.

I dry my bras.
And sometimes my bathing suits.

I know.


Moving on.

We loved having our own little pool at our condo.

It had these pool rules posted on the wall outside:

I won't say which ones we violated.
What do you think got back to the owners that they felt compelled to post this sign??

And why did the duck push the bunny?

Is a duck even capable of pushing a bunny?

You know, with the wings and all?
The girls caught us shoved in the corner catching the
last bit of sun on our last night there.

On the long drive home we decided to drive a different way which including going through Atlanta.

But we forgot that the Final 4 was being hosted by Atlanta the very night we were driving through!


We sailed through downtown but got stuck an hour south of the city and an hour north.

The things you see on the road.

Anyone want to buy a used hearse? Just 80,000 miles.

We saw this at a gas station somewhere in Tennessee.
I love the Teriyaki Express sign in the background.

Wait. 80,000 miles?
Don't they JUST drive from the church to the cemetery?
Or did someone make this their actual vehicle?
Can you imagine pulling into a drive-thru window in a hearse?

I texted a few people. 
No one was interested. 
I wanted to call shot-gun 
so we could pull into a drive-thru window 
and I could see the reaction.

Somewhere in Kentucky Monte decided the girls needed these from a gas station.

They are hats/scarves/mittens.
They are either a flamingo 
or a pink rooster
and a panda.

He said they were a "good deal".

This from the guy who won't let me buy 
Viva paper towels 
because "we aren't made of money."

The trip seemed to go on and on and on and it seemed we stopped at

EVERY SINGLE McDonald's along the way.

Monte decided to stretch a little while in line to order our fruit smoothies.

The girls were MORTIFIED!

McDaniel said to me,

"Mom! He is your husband! Make him stop!"

I informed her I was bored.

So I would allow it.

You should have seen the old guy standing behind Monte when he started doing jumping jacks.

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