Monday, April 15, 2013

Motion Sickness Fix

No, I am not going to say root beer. 

I have been reading the blog, My Blessed Life 

for a few years now. 

Myra has some great tips on 
DIY projects 
and her recipes are wonderful! 

Her banana chocolate chip muffins are in regular rotation at our house.

Check out her blog!

Back in March, she posted a natural motion sickness fix. 

My ears perked up since I knew we were making the long drive to Florida and we were headed to Disney World.

And we ALL have been prone to car sickness in my family.

Oh, the gory stories I could tell.

But I won't…today.

We have tried Dramamine. 
It either puts us into a coma 
(not an option for the driver)
or doesn't work.

Myra's tip is to mix a few drops of peppermint oil into olive oil and rub it behind your ears and on your belly when you are feeling urpie.

This really did the trick!

The peppermint tingles on your skin and everything smells fresh and toothpaste clean.

We all tried it--even Monte who can be skeptical of new things and is very sensitive to smells.

I bought little travel size containers and mixed up some oil and peppermint and stuck it in a ziploc and put it in my bag for Disney.

You know what?

I forgot all about it.

Even when we were searching the entire Magic Kingdom park for root beer after my encounter on Space Mountain.

And I had the cure in one of the million zipper pockets of my bag the entire time!

I know, because I just found the container Friday night 
looking for my lipstick.

But now I have the mixture for the future.

Like the next time I decide to hop on the swing in the backyard.


I just read this morning it can work for headaches too when rubbed on your temples and the back of your neck.

I will be trying that next.

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