Friday, April 05, 2013

Disney--The Day After

Going to Disney World makes you tired in an all-over body way that only getting run over by a large truck could come close to.

Why is that?

Disney dead tired.
Monte and I were still weak the next day.

And the girls were still singing that theme song from 

The simple task of blowing up a pool toy had Monte worrying the girls that he was going to fall face down on the floor.

We asked if he was ok and he said,
Nice hair.
Then the girls had to focus on worrying about me.

Thanks to the malfunctioning of Disney's Splash Mountain ride, the intense Florida sun and the Lilly whiteness of my Ohio tan--

I ended up with this.


Double ouch!
I had a real problem.

We woke up to another beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy it by the pool without causing myself 3rd degree burns.

I kept thinking that some sort of Swim Dickie would just be about perfect to cover my ouchie parts yet give the other parts the freedom and exposure to tan.

You know, something in a nice swimshirtish material that would be light and quick drying.

Why didn't I bring my hot glue gun with me?!

This is what I came up with given my limited resources:

It is my cover up turned hooded Swim Dickie with
optional ascot.
My cover up has a hood which proved crucial since the tops of my ears were pretty crispy red as well.

I really liked turning the long sleeves of my cover up into a scarf-like ascot so that no sun could get in.

I felt protected and yet still ready to enjoy a day at the pool.
(I am going to make sure that line gets read in the infomercial.)

This was OUR own little tiny personal pool so I didn't socially scar the girls for having to be seen with me wearing my Swim Dickie (with optional ascot) in full public view.

That is, until the pool boy popped up in the the back yard

making me scream

and run into the condo to hide.
Come on, comfortable as I was, 

I knew I looked like an idiot.
(Or at least like a suntanning version of the uni-bomber).

And he had an adorable Australian accent too (the pool boy)
(that Monte quickly and LOUDLY adopted and used when replying to the poor guy as he attended our pool).

If I didn't scare him, Monte for sure offended him.

You can't take us anywhere.

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  1. Question? Did Monte pick up this accent on purpose or does he just pick up an accent? I embarrass myself with my ability to pick up "accents". It is terrible. If someone lisps, stutters, or has a drawl I pick it up. If I am with the blind I subconsciously start feeling everything as if I am also blind. Get me around the deaf and I start to talk with my hands as if my hand gestures actually mean something. Truly it is an affliction this picking up of others "accents".


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