Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesdays Unwrapped--#3

Here is my 3rd installment in Emily Freeman's Tuesdays Unwrapped series that I am linking up with.

Monte and I went to see Bill Cosby a few weekends ago.

We bought the tickets as an anniversary gift to each other. 

We celebrated 18 years on the 16th.

We drove through a snow storm to get downtown to the theater.

We had planned to eat at a nice restaurant nearby before the show.

Did research on places and everything.

It took WAY longer to get downtown than we had anticipated

and once we parked and Monte pointed to a tall building not exactly by the theater 
and said the restaurant was 3 blocks BEHIND it

we decided to go somewhere closer.

Did I mention it was snowing HARD? 


It was like a Christmas episode of Little House on the Prairie.

Monte and I were bundled up and I just hung on to him as he led me, 


to some place that served food.


I couldn't see as there were so many snowflakes on my eyelashes, I could no longer open my eyes.

Thank goodness I brought a hat.

I am not sure you can appreciate the enormity of the snowflakes from these pictures.

Out of what seemed like the blue,

Monte pointed to this:

Not the most clever of names but the Open sign was on so it was just fine with us.

Everyone inside seemed to have made the same perilous trek as us judging by the amount of snow each of them were tracking in or still sporting in their hair.

The worst part was walking back to the theater. I was so afraid I was going to fall down. 

Bill Cosby started the show late to accommodate all those stuck in the slow moving snowstorm. 

We had great seats.

He mainly talked about marriage. He has been married almost 50 years.

He had a few things to share about the topic.

He took it all the way back to Adam and Eve, never once blaming Eve for being tempted by the snake but suggesting that Adam failed his job as husband for putting Eve into a position that she'd even WANT to talk to the snake.


And of course, funny.

Because, Bill Cosby is one gifted story teller.

It was a great theme for an anniversary gift.

Our whole night was like marriage in general.

An expectation sidelined by a storm.

A blind walk into the dark

having to trust one another to lead, 

hopeful, that the destination will be reached,

afraid of falling down,

and being flexible enough to drop the prior expectations 

so we could just. enjoy. the. show.


  1. Happy Anniversary Karmen! Bill Cosby is a gifted story teller and has brought many laughs to our house over the years. Snow can be an inconvenience but also can be pretty romantic ;)

  2. Mindy,

    Thanks! I should've mentioned, I LOVE snow! Monte is from south Florida so he does NOT. So it was an interesting night! :) Merry Christmas!


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