Friday, December 06, 2013

Gift Giving Ideas (Or Not)

I don't know about everyone else, but this late Thanksgiving has made the gift figuring out and purchasing seem a little more crunched and frantic.

Or is it just me??

I am a big online shopper.

I don't handle long lines

or malls


I thought I would share some ideas based on AWESOME gifts I have either received or purchased.

Decorative pillows.

I love throw pillows. Sumita gave this to me for my birthday.

This is a wool hook pillow by Scott Church. I LOVE that
this penguin is riding a bike like my Lolly!

Looks great on one of our many
"Chairs From the Curb".

Love the pillows from 

This makes me laugh so hard. It is called a Dream Man Armpillow.
Perfect White Elephant gift. 

What?! This is called an Ostrich Pillow. So. many. questions.
It is $99 so my first question is "Why?"

Hand made gifts.

These are always my most favorite gifts to give and receive.

Julie made these candle holders for me for my birthday from a birch tree that fell in her backyard.


 My other friend Julie had these cuties in her house. I have to make some (just not sure it will happen before Christmas).

Mini clothes pins painted red and
embellished to look like Santa!
Wouldn't they work great to display
Christmas cards?

Oh my goodness he is adorable! Book
page Santa! I imagine doing this with just
a piece of card stock rolled into a cone shape.

I do adore this jingle bell tree. Since me
and 2 neighbors host a Jingle Hop
progressive party every Christmas,
I think this would make a great gift
for my neighbors. Just not this year.
I really should start gift crafting
in August.


Sumita also gave me a pair of texting gloves for my birthday. They work great!

These are wool but they have cotton too.

The thumbs and first finger have special
padding that make the texting thing work.
Why is my thumb curved like that??

My girls want the mittens/fingerless
glove combo. Etsy has several options.


I love jammies. "Jammie Bo's" as my grandmother always called them.  

As in, 

"Go put on your Jammie Bo's."

 I still say it. Even Monte does. 

As in, 

"Time to Jammie Bo up."

My aunt gave me a gift card to Target for my birthday so of course I bought Jammie Bo's.

I love Nick & Nora pajamas. These are
perfect with Lollys all over them.

The girls get new Jammie Bo's every year. They are the only presents they can open on Christmas Eve. 

McDaniel loves feetie Jammie Bo's. All 6'1" of her.
After she split the crotch out of her Mickey Mouse
feeties 4 seconds after opening them last Christmas
Eve, we decided that we need to order REALLY
big sizes for her. 

Subway Art.

Sumita gave me this for my birthday. 

I know, I am spoiled rotten.

I have recently read how to make my own subway art. I have only 4 TRILLION ideas for subway art I would like to make for me and others.

The blog Tempting Thyme has a great step by step explanation on how to do it.

I want to also mention the wonderful new Etsy shop of a friend of mine, Shannon.

You have to read her bio on her Etsy page. Her background led her to research the medical benefits of silk and flannel for a baby's comfort. It is amazing.

She calls her sweet little blankets "silkys". She hand makes each one with high end fabrics.

I bought this one for the little one in my life:

My cousin's daughter has had pneumonia and is still doing
breathing treatments. I thought a little silky would give
her some much needed comfort.

Happy crafting/shopping!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my tutorial and my site Tempting Thyme! You are awesome! Let me know when you create some subway art, I would love to see it and possibly do a feature.

    Shaunna @ Tempting Thyme

  2. We have a Christmas Eve jammies tradition too. I love that tradition. With ours I always try and get the kids Christmas themed jammies. It is getting harder and harder for the boys as they get older. Add in my penny pinching cheapness and it can be down right difficult. I love reading your blog it always just makes me happy. Thanks for sharing all of these fun gifting ideas.

  3. Karmen,

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I love that you "theme" your gift jammies! No, they are not cheap! That's why I get them at Target or Wal-Mart--and even then I wait until they are on sale. TIP: yesterday Target online had 50% off all their jammies. Check and see if it is still going on today!! Good luck!

  4. Shaunna,

    Thanks! I will.

  5. New pajamas on Christmas Eve was always a tradition growing up and one we continued with our daughter. Now that she has a house of her own I really think my husband should continue the tradition with buying me some :) Looking forward to seeing your subway art!

  6. MIndy,

    Good idea--hope your husband "thinks" of it! ;)

  7. THank you for the Target tip. I went there for their black Friday madness. =) I saw this blog post today on Epbot and thought of you. Not sure if you follow this blog or not, but here is the link. She did book paper ornaments. the Snowflake one is my favorite. Epbot paper ornaments

  8. Karmen,

    Oh my goodness! That bookpage bow was the sweetest. I pinned it. And am following that blog now. Thanks for the link!

  9. You are very welcome. I liked that bow as well.

  10. Hi Karmen!

    We do jammies too in our family ever year at Christmas. If you don't mind me asking, what size did you get for McDaniel and where did you order from? My daughter is 6 feet and I've been having trouble finding ones big enough for her.

    Thanks! Love the blog!


  11. Jenn,

    I ordered from Target and the feetie jammies lean towards youth sizes so I ordered an XL or even an XXL if they have it. Good luck!


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