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Pandora's Box

Not really.

But kinda.
I love listening to Pandora through my computer.

Especially now that it is the holidays.

You can get really specific with your radio station choices like

Ray Charles Holiday  (so great)
or Harry Connick Jr. Holiday  (awesome)
or Bare Naked Ladies Holiday (just lovely). Stay with me. I am talking about the musical group.
If you don't know, you can suggest a "type" of radio station suggestion and Pandora will play everything like that.

That is how we got to hear an incredible version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Louis Armstrong and Etta James.

Out. Standing.
Even better, you can give each song a thumbs up or thumbs down so they can remember to play that one next time you select that radio station or never play it again.

I selected Bare Naked Ladies Holiday today and got to hear Sting sing "I Saw Three Ships".

But then Adele started singing about fire and rain.

While I do love me some Adele, 
not on my holiday statio…

Techno Dinosaur

That is me.

I didn't used to be so technologically behind the times.

I could add my own RAM  (do they still call it that?)  to my Mac,  troubleshoot most problems  but, let's face it,  Macs just don't have the problems that PCs do.
I have NEVER owned a non Apple computer. 

I have never ONCE had a computer virus.

But this post is really about phones.
(Great transition, huh?)
When did they get so complicated?

When did we lose the ability to know any one's phone number by heart?

I can still remember my phone number of the house I moved out of in the 2nd grade.

But I don't know my own daughter's cell phone number.
I just hit her name on my call list and
I get her voice mail.
She never answers her phone.
But that is an entirely different issue.
I have a very basic phone.

It does not have Internet access.

It is not touch screen.

Or smart.
Or has that annoying woman that tells you things.

But I love it!
When my husband, Monte, got his first iPhone, he was head over heels …

Sick, Snow, Soup Saturday

That pretty much sums it up.

I started feeling bad yesterday.

This morning I woke up with what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest and I could barely talk.

And it was SNOWING.

Oh, how I love snow. (I don't even mean that sarcastically--I REALLY do love snow!)
I decided I needed to make homemade chicken noodle soup.

Monte brought me some from a grocery store last night

bless his heart
but it just

the same.
Since we live right by an enormous university that was hosting their rival in a football game at noon,

Monte once again experienced being in a grocery store  all by himself.
I left the whole chicken simmering in a pot on the stove to take a bath and when I came back downstairs, I briefly got an unclogged whiff of the chicken

which we all agreed
reminded us of my grandmother.
Her chicken noodles are just the best.

Good news:  Ellie is fever free but still not feeling her 100% self.

She pretty much stayed on the couch all morning.

She loved the chicken noodle soup.

So …

Thrown Together Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night we had our bags packed, the dog food and bowls ready to go, the alarm set.

We were to drive to Indiana for Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin and his new wife's home and then drive 2 hours south to my parents' house for the weekend.

Ellie walked into our room a little after 7:00 this morning. Her cheeks were bright red and she said it hurt her head when she moved her eyeballs.

She had a fever.

Plan changer.
I am pretty sure I had a dream about all the good food that Thanksgiving with my family means.

My grandmother's yeast rolls, green beans and pie.
My aunt's cranberry salad.
My mom's chicken noodles.
My mashed potatoes
And the slushy punch!
We tried to not show our disappointment so Ellie wouldn't feel worse.

But she did anyway.
We were all sad.

But we decided to make lemonade out of the lemons we were handed.
While we put Ellie in a cooling bath

we all gathered (yes, in the bathroom)
and came up with a list (a realistic list)
of what we w…

Book Page Trees


Don't click off this post because of the title.

This is not meant to stress you out or make you feel pressured to Martha Stewart your holidays (yeah, I use her name as a verb, don't you?).
I am posting a few pictures of book page trees I made last year.

I already brought one of them out.
And it is not even Thanksgiving.
I am NOT one of those people who put up fake trees in September so I can enjoy the holidays longer.

If my decorations are up so long I have to dust them
I like the Christmas season but my house is small and a tree takes up a lot of room so I have to move my stuff and then there aren't enough places to sit  or put a drink down  because of all the decorations and platters of food and dishes of candy.

why am I complaining?
Moving on…

I bought these awesome Styrofoam trees that come in pieces that you build into the tree or store flat which is AWESOME!
They can stand all curvy like something out of a Dr. Seuss book
which is just …


I was returning videos to the library the other day when I turned to peek into the stroller that was parked next to me at the front desk.

I already had my "looking at a baby" smile on
(you know the one)
if I could draw it, I would
when I found myself staring into the face of a dog.
A dog in a stroller.
A dog in a stroller 
INSIDE the library.
My "looking at a baby" smile turned into a horrified what?!
I was all leaned in too and could feel the hot dog breath on my face.
The dog was an adorable wavy jet black sleepy-eyed cocker spaniel of some sort
who was apparently too exhausted to walk on its own.
I have so much I could say
about dog strollers
and dogs inside public buildings
but I won't.

Because I am listening to Christmas music and, for crying out loud, when someone says

"from now on our troubles will be far way," 

well, deck my halls,
I believe them.
No, this is more of a "what?!" moment because I was expecting a cootchie-coo baby moment when …


My daughter had to have some medical forms for ski club notarized.

I know! Seriously?
So I had to go to the bank to get them notarized. I had already filled everything out including signing the form.

The bank guy was all like,
"You know that is what a notary does, right?  I WATCH you sign it."
And I am all like, NOT IN THE MOOD.Just notarize it! 

Which he did. 

Then he told me my license was getting ready to expire on my birthday.
Which is next week.

I NEVER look at my license. Do you?

It is like my gas tank.



When I recounted the whole bank event including the license expiring soon story, Monte reminded me of HIS incident.

As a cautionary tale.
Picture it. Atlanta circa 1995. Monte was living with his friend Chris and I was living with my friend Andrea. We were engaged to be married that December.
(Monte and I, not Andrea and I.)
It is an extremely warm Saturday afternoon.

I don't know why, but Chris and Monte decided to drive all the way across t…

Monks, Monkeys and Tea

I went to the mall today with my friend, Carisa. She wanted to hit a tea shop to get a present for her daughter.

I had never been to this shop before. Quite frankly, I had never even noticed the shop before.
I could've sworn it was an Aveda.

We were greeted at the door by someone offering me Youthberry tea.

Why did he offer ME the Youthberry tea? Not that I'm sensitive or anything. My birthday is next week. But Carisa's is THIS weekend. That's sooner. Sooo… Why did he offer ME the Youthberry tea?
He said something about antioxidants and blah blah blah… it was good…REALLY good.
I decided to walk into the store.
I was walked around by a sweet nervous guy who was new and still being trained by a knowledgeable tall thin guy with bangs in his eyes and multiple studs in his lip/mouth area.
The studs were somehow attached by loops over top of his bottom lip.
It compromised the way he said certain words.
The whole studs attached by loops over top of his bottom lip.
He directed me to a…

Just Wondering

Why is it that when you buy something you'd rather not discuss with the cashier

you don't know from Adam
they always are just filled with the curiosity and audacity to bring up your Monistat cruising down the conveyor belt?
But load it up with 10 bags of candy corn you may or may not have struggled to fish out of the bottom of the Halloween candy clearance bin?
Not a word from the cashier.
It is this kind of unaccountability that will never get me off the corn.
So I started wondering about the tales that cashiers could tell.
Of weird habits they've noticed.
Like I am sure Kroger has picked up that Monte ALWAYS buys aluminum foil EVERY TIME he goes to the grocery store. But he calls it tin foil.  Drives.  me.  insane. They have not used tin in foil in OUR LIFETIME!!!!! Never mind the disaster that Monte is anticipating by hoarding foil. Moving on…
One time I was in the drug store grabbing water for one of the girl's soccer games.

I was comparing prices on mult…

Follow Up

It is weird not to start out this post with a number.

But I am glad I don't have to.
It was a great challenge to post everyday for 31 days.

I enjoyed it.

Thanks for all the encouragement and well, for reading


I felt the need to "tie up" this 31 days of storytelling.

I thought I would have some revelations to share.

Something deep and profound
that I learned about myself.

But I will have to say that October was an incredibly BUSY month for me

(I won't bore you with the list I could insert here of what I actually  had going on because you could do the same.)
and God saw fit to give me story after story to write about.

I really thought I would draw from the great stuffed-full archives of great stories my family has.

Uh uh.

God gave me stories in real time.
I look back and think,

"Wow! Stuff really does happen to me, like, ALL the time."

He is so faithful.

So on that note, I'd like to follow-up on a few stories I wrote about.

The city finally …