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Weekend Observations

Ellie and I took Nigel to the vet Friday.

He had to have his anal glands expressed.
Yeah, that’s a thing.

No one talked about that with Lassie

or Marmaduke

or Snoopy.
Carisa told me that’s what he needed the day before  when he was dragging his behind on the carpet . She is a dog genius.
But on the way to the vet office, Ellie and I saw this THING pull out from the bike path by our house right in front of us.

It was neon green and the guy on it was wearing a matching neon green helmet that had all the seriousness of Tour De France. (With the aerodynamic pointy back and everything.)

The THING had really high handlebars. So high that his hands were almost shoulder height.

It had a front wheel and a back wheel but they were REALLY far apart to allow for the elliptical type pedaling that was happening in between while he was in the STANDING POSITION.

So. Much. Going. On.
He was working the elliptical part really fast  for as slow as he was moving.
Ellie asked,

“Is he a villain?”
She wen…

What’s Been Going On

I haven’t meant to take a blogging break.

But the whole healing neck thing (I’m band-aid free FINALLY)

and 4th of July thing
and the girls needing three meals a day,  EVERY SINGLE DAY thing.
Well, that has made blogging with any sort of regularity a distant memory,

like finishing any project EVER
without a million interruptions
and questions
and “Moooooommmm!!!!!”s
or wearing a bikini.
Those were the good ol’ days.
And because I’ve had to stop this post 40-11 times to  look at what McDaniel was drawing,  help her find a website to draw more stuff,  help Ellie remember the movies she wants to see in list form,  help her locate the tent in the garage,  move the hammock,  lay out the tent in proper position in the yard  and pull poop from the dog’s behind, 
I better just upload some pictures QUICK  before it’s SEPTEMBER before you  hear from me again!

We went to the zoo the day before the 4th of July, which as it turns out, MOST OF AMERICA did too. Luckily, we went early and got to see the z…