Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Field by Our House

We live very close to downtown. In fact, in the winter, we can see some of the city skyscrapers from the window over our kitchen sink. We also live next to a large university that has an agricultural field right by our house. It is a great mix for me. The city that I crave to "keep me in the mix" yet the field that reminds me of back home in Indiana.

Last week we woke up to hay bales all over the combined field. We have lived here going on 13 years and we have NEVER seen hay bales in this field.

It was so incredible!

 The first morning we saw them, there was steam rising off the field as the sun was rising and it was just majestic. 

My daughters were itching to run through it.

So was I. 

What is it about an expanse of land that makes you want to just run through it? I have always felt that way--ever since I was a kid. But a grown woman running through a field by herself is the stuff 911 is used for.

Now that my girls' have the same hankering for field running, I have an excuse.

It doesn't look so suspicious.

With our busy schedules, it was Sunday before we could get ourselves to cross the street and hang out by the hay bales. It was windy and cloudy but warm. And it was my birthday.

It was the perfect gift.

I really wanted to hop on that bale.

No dice.

McDaniel tried to lift Ellie up on the bale with no luck.

So she decided to try.

And try.

And try again.

We will count this as a success.

I love that my girls aren't so consumed by the trappings of this technology age that they'd rather sit inside and stare at a screen then run through a field, trying to jump on hay bales and breathing in fresh air.

It was beautiful.
Monte starts his approach.
Clean landing.


Show off.

Florida boy acting like this isn't the first bale of hay he has ever sat on.

Birthday bliss.

He is such a good sport.

Field running--there is nothing like it.

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