Friday, February 22, 2013

Red and Purple

Last night my husband and I had a surprising few hours to ourselves.

Our daughters took a last minute babysitting job next door.

So we went to a second hand furniture store.

(Duh, like my favorite thing to do EVER and we are looking for a new piece of furniture 
to act as a media console so my husband can get a bigger TV 
and we can get rid of our ENORMOUS armoire that currently houses our TV. 
Any great DIY ideas?)

See the ENORMOUS armoire? The one to the left of Col.
Mustard. The one with the knife. My dad made it and it has been great.
But it is a room filler. And it is limiting Monte's
BIG TV hopes and dreams.

After thrifting we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Chocolate Cafe.

Chocolate Cafe made these great cupcakes for
my friend's surprise 80s themed birthday party.
Aren't they like, totally awesome?
We are on the menu, we go so much.

And we really like the owners.

We noticed the parking lot was extra full when we pulled in.

Then we noticed ALL the red hats of the large group of ladies sitting by the window.

We sat in the back of the restaurant so we could talk

and because that was the only available seating.

When Monte went back up to the register to order dessert

(Duh, it is called Chocolate Cafe--dessert is necessary at this place. 
Our fave is an enormous chocolate chip cookie, warmed up, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. FAB. U. LOUS!)

the Red Hat Society had gathered together for a picture.

Did I mention that Monte was wearing a purple shirt?

I heard a burst of laughter and looked up to find Monte in the middle of the Red Hat Society

the birthday girl

SITTING in his lap.

I was told later that you always wear 
red hats and purple clothes
it is your birthday, then you wear 
a purple hat and red clothes.

Did you get that?

The woman wearing the purple hat was THOROUGHLY enjoying Monte.

He is such a flirt.

Always has been.

Especially with the over 60 crowd.

All that time growing up in Florida, I guess.

One by one, the ladies made their way over to me to gush about Monte and to explain the Red Hat Society to me.

More than one asked if I was 50 yet.


Just wait a minute so I can recover.

Way to kick start a girl's wrinkle cream regime.

I have already Googled a "best of" list.

For wrinkle cream and teeth whiteners.

Let's take this all the way.

After I choked on my cookie and ice cream pride, I let them know that


thank you very much.

They said that I could wear a pink hat and a lilac shirt to their gatherings

until I was 50

Pride bruising aside,

They were such fun!

I asked if there were business meetings,
philanthropies to discuss.

"@#$% no!" said one of the red hats.

Quite possibly Steven Tyler's mother.

I asked what they did if they didn't have business meetings,
philanthropies to discuss.

"Aw, @#$%, we have fun!" said Steven Tyler's mother.

What a hoot!

They asked about the girls (after I pointed out our picture on the menu).

"How old are they?"
"What are they into?"

They asked about Monte.

"Is he a good father?"
"How is he going to handle dating?"

They asked about me.

"Are you 50 yet?"
"No? Come to our next gathering 
and wear a pink hat and a lilac shirt!"

How sweet!

They were a blast.

Laughing and carrying on and touching Monte A. Lot.

We took more pictures.

The birthday girl with the purple hat on. I love the woman holding up the heart in the
back of the group. This wasn't everyone. Many stayed at the table.

They were having a homemade Valentine's card contest.

They asked Monte to be the judge. 

He picked the first card he saw as the winner.

It was beautiful.

We walked away laughing and feeling good.

We said that we hoped to be as fun when we grow up.

Then we saw a picture of the evening 
posted on Chocolate Cafe's Facebook page.

And the comments keep on coming…Monte is such a good sport!


  1. What a fun evening. No doubt Monte made the birthday girl's highlight list.

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