Wednesday, May 17, 2017

If Disney World Was Our Real Life or Our Real Life was Actually Disney World

If we were Disney World, I'd definitely be 1 or all 7 of the dwarves that follow around Snow White.

But mostly Dopey and Grumpy,

followed by fleeting moments of Happy 

but realistically, it's more Slap Happy. 

Seriously, where is that dwarf? 

He's like the cousin to Sleepy and Happy 
with maybe just a teence of Dopey, 
once removed.

But instead of whistling while he works,
he laughs uncontrollably at Snapchat filters
until he's exhausted and falls asleep.

Which is really early.

In other words, emotions are running high over here as graduation approaches with all of its 152 million details.

McDaniel is feeling all those emotions by being Cruella one moment and Cinderella the next followed by whatever princess cries uncontrollably for no exact reason.

Makeup cried off.
It's been a season of last games, last clubs, last prom.

Prom turned out fantastic, by the way!

It rained and stormed so hard the night before that we lost a branch from our Sycamore tree.

It landed on our patio, ripping down our strands of lights, breaking only one bulb remarkably, and knocking over some potted flowers.

It rained all morning so we couldn't clean up until around 2.

The sun came out and dried out the grass and everything was gorgeous by 6:00 when we started pictures!

The bald spot in the grass is my fault. I burned all the sticks in the yard in the fire pit
and it burned this nice circle into the grass. 

In keeping with the Disney World theme, it does look like magical woodland
creatures made her dress and did her hair, doesn't it?

The swing my dad made was such a cool photo spot.

Doesn't this look like they are palming Ellie's head like a basketball and holding
her up in the air?

It was such a beautiful night and all the parents came to take photos.

Right as we were finishing up, another big branch dropped to the ground from the tree quite suddenly.

Luckily, people were able to jump out of the way just in time.

Monte loudly announced that the Sycamore had spoken and it was time for everyone to leave.

Just like Pocohontas.

But not.

It was around then that I noticed there was a hole in our house.

The branch from the night before!

Womp womp.

One of my best friends from high school came by a few weekends ago.

I laid out the EXACT SAME SHIRT to wear that day but changed my mind at the last minute.

The tall family meets the short family. We thought it was a hoot positioning McDaniel (over 6 feet)
by Jenna who is right at 5 feet.
It was such fun laughing and telling old stories.

She gave McDaniel her very first graduation gift.

That made it real.

So did putting this up in the front yard.

Luckily, I warned Monte that I put it up so he didn't sob pulling into the driveway from work.

He's already promised to be a mess 
when McDaniel leaves in the fall.

Was there a sad dwarf?

Sobby, perhaps?

As the to-do lists keep growing, Monte and I keep our spirits light by playing with Snapchat filters.

Can you believe the school sent me registration forms for Ellie for next year?

Can we not just cross this year off our to-do list first?!

Snapchat is a great break from the stress (and procrastinating filling out those registration forms) and it's so cathartic to laugh. Hard.

Monte totally thinks he could pull off this look.

The girls think we are nuts.

Ellie told us the other night at dinner that, in a nutshell, we might want to go ahead and grow up a little.

She'd had enough.

Total evil step-mother move.

I send her even more videos now.

I got into my car the other morning after McDaniel had borrowed it and found out what has been sustaining her crazy busy schedule.

Granola and super dark chocolate.

I ran a bunch of errands and forgot about the mess in my car until the NEXT morning when I found melted chocolate smeared everywhere in a sad half-hearted attempt at cleaning.

So, like a good member of Snow White's dwarves, I sent her a video at school.

Yesterday after 3:00 the power went out. It was a hot day and I was 18 loads into a big laundry day.

The girls had a concert to go to downtown so Monte and I were stuck outside on the patio watching police helicopters fly overhead, playing trivial pursuit and trying to remember where we'd put a flashlight.

Sadly, I couldn't remember where our flashlight was 
and couldn't name more than 3 members of the Jackson 5. 

Monte wouldn't count LaToya.

We never did figure out what the police helicopters were about.

But we entertained ourselves with our good friend, Snapchat.

The first of the graduation parties is this weekend and baccalaureate is Sunday.

By Sunday evening I should be ALL the 7 dwarves rolled into one, rocking back and forth in a corner sucking my thumb.

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