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So Ready for Summer and Some Other Things

McDaniel finished her last final yesterday and Ellie graduates from the 8th grade this afternoon.

After the graduation ceremony at the middle school,  it’s SUMMER!
I’ve been singing “School’s Out For Summer” all week. 

Yeah, the one by Alice Cooper.
I’m not an Alice Cooper fan.
But I’m very fond of summer.
We’ve been knee-deep in all that is the marathon of May.
On the third night in a row of meetings at the middle school, one of the dads mentioned to us that May was turning into the new December.
I just couldn’t agree.

Because where are the parties  and presents  and food 
and good cheer
and peace on earth wishes and celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior?!
Because all we’ve had over here are choir concerts  and track meets  and sports banquets  and meetings  and school trips to pack for  and pay for  and finals.
On top of making lunches  and normal homework
and an enormous amount of laundry. 
Here are a few things I want to mention since it’s been so long since I’ve posted.
I …

Mother’s Day

We have a tradition of going to a place on the university campus right by us for brunch each Mother’s Day.

It’s a wonderful brunch!
They give me a flower and take our picture with a choice of 4 different backgrounds.

There is always some discussion of which background we should choose

 and let’s face it,
it’s Mother’s Day, 
I win.
Who wanted the stupid purple bubble  background anyway?!
Not when you could stand in front of the biggest picket fence with practically human head-sized flowers climbing up it!

I think I’ve mentioned it before,

this brunch is a buffet.
And we go to win.
The girls didn’t eat breakfast in preparation.

I am not a skipper of meals.
I just can’t.
We always do a walk around to assess the the buffet stations.
This year they had several seafood options.
Mussels served cold with a veggie sauce.
Salmon with some sort of crab mix stuffed inside it.
There was roast beef, mini BLTs and a chicken stuffed with pea risotto or something as well.
I learned that I like mussels c…

Disturbing My Peace

On the way to school this morning, Ellie and I could not find a single radio station that was actually playing music.

Not. One.
So she turned on the classical music station.

Classical as in Handel,  not Sammy Hagar.
She and I have a thing where we listen to the classical instrumental music and set the stage of what we imagine is happening.

A bunny is chasing a butterfly then, OH NO,  a mountain lion is now chasing the bunny!
It’s a lovely ball and everyone is dancing the minuet.
A man is ice skating on a pond. He’s about to fall down  but he saves himself. No! He fell.
This morning the music was the soundtrack for a lovely wedding in my head of food and laughing and dancing in a grand ballroom.

I dropped Ellie off and went to the grocery store, still listening to the lovely wedding soundtrack.

I was in a peace-filled mood.
It was early.

I wanted a quick in and out at the grocery store.
No one would wait on me at the deli.

I couldn’t even see that anyone was anywhere near the deli.
No one would…