Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother’s Day

I could dedicate an entire post to how much I love Bitmoji.
Monte and I have too much fun sending these animated versions
of ourselves to each other.

We have a tradition of going to a place on the university campus right by us for brunch each Mother’s Day.

It’s a wonderful brunch!

They give me a flower and take our picture with a choice of 4 different backgrounds.

There is always some discussion of which background we should choose

 and let’s face it,

it’s Mother’s Day, 

I win.

Who wanted the stupid purple bubble 
background anyway?!

Not when you could stand in front of the biggest picket fence with practically human head-sized flowers climbing up it!

McDaniel is so full she can barely open her eyes.

I think I’ve mentioned it before,

this brunch is a buffet.

And we go to win.

The girls didn’t eat breakfast in preparation.

I am not a skipper of meals.

I just can’t.

We always do a walk around to assess the the buffet stations.

This year they had several seafood options.


Mussels served cold with a veggie sauce.

Salmon with some sort of crab mix stuffed inside it.

There was roast beef, mini BLTs and a chicken stuffed with pea risotto or something as well.

I learned that I like mussels cold. It was a first for me.

This was the second plate I destroyed.
I also learned that I don’t like meat stuffed with other things.

I love salmon. 

I love crab. 

Don’t naturally assume that shoving the crab inside the salmon will make me love it even more. 

In fact, the opposite is true. 

Didn’t like it at all.

Ditto on the chicken stuffed with pea stuff.

Meat is a stand-alone for me.

I’m all about the sides. 

Go crazy creative on the sides. 

Just don’t shove the sides 
INTO the meat.

I’m looking at you, Facebook videos that keep shoving cream cheese and all manner of cheese and butter into all the meats.

It’s not necessary!

Or healthy.

Ever notice that they don’t include the fat 
or caloric count?

And, while I’m pointing at you, Facebook, 

stop pushing crescent rolls so much in all your recipe videos!


I’d love to see a recipe that isn’t shoved inside a meat 
or a roll.

Just once.


Back to brunch…

McDaniel went after breakfast hard.

Then she discovered the kids buffet.

It’s hard to see in that plate of brown, but there are dinosaur chicken nuggets, smiley face potatoes, bacon and a few waffles.

She decided later that she didn’t do the earlier waffles proper justice.

We left happy and full and then came home and napped.

Monte surprised me with the biggest bag of Gummy Bears I’ve ever seen.

He knows me so well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful mother’s day!

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  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day! That buffet sounds like they might have to roll a person out after all that goodness : ) I love seafood but that waffle with the strawberries and whipped cream is calling my name as well...


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