Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Today is our 20th wedding anniversary.

It’s December 16th and unseasonably warm and sunny

just like it was on our wedding day in Indianapolis.

There was a snow storm the weekend before 
and the weekend after our wedding.

But a blessed 50 degrees for the actual day.

Last year, Monte and I were in Nashville with his company and ate sushi with about 15 of his co-workers to celebrate 19 years of marriage.

And my hair was flat as a pancake.

Tonight, we go back to our tradition of ordering in from a local Italian restaurant and letting the girls serve it to us on our Christmas china.

We will toast to us with my grandmother’s famous slushy punch.

And afterwards we will have a dance party.

Luckily, McDaniel only has one final tomorrow.

We’ve been doing this since Ellie was still in a high chair 
and smearing spaghetti sauce all over her face.

We usually put in our wedding video to watch but it’s VHS and we never hooked the player back up when we renovated the house.

But that’s okay.

I’ve pulled out the wedding album.

We are all excited to bring this old tradition into our new kitchen and family room.

Like our muleart that represents our marriage:

But then again, I think this picture really sums up our marriage too.

Not because I look like I’m dead.

But that Monte is a good sport to “play along” 
with whatever me or the girls get in our heads to do.

“For fun.”

Here’s to 20 more!


  1. Happy belated Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary! Looks like the two of you know how to have fun together. And Yay Indianapolis! :)


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